12 Days of Thank You

12 Days of Thank You

We thought it would be great to gather some tips from our Raise a Dream community about thanking, appreciating, and recognizing partners throughout the holiday season.

These twelve tips can be modified and utilized throughout the year to recognize partners, champions, and sponsors.  

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #1:

Have a holiday gift card delivered to the business office. Think of fun ways to package the card. Personalize and perhaps put in a frame so that people keep the card.


Sponsors & Partners Thank You #2:

This tip comes from one of our Raise a Dream community members:

"Two ways to meaningfully thank a sponsor, would be to:

  • Share (through video, text, images) what was made possible thanks to their contribution—e.g. life-changing event, supporting a life/organization, getting books to those who couldn't otherwise have access—via platforms you're on where their audience engages.
  • Highlight what they offer, and what humane qualities make them the best choice in delivering that offering.”

As a virtual keynote speaker and two-time best-selling author, I focus on resilience through authenticity, self-acceptance and individual sovereignty, also delivering business talks exploring mindful entrepreneurship across feasible schedules, lean process and pricing. Always, what I share invites you to embrace what resonates and release what does not—on some level you know that you already have the answers within.

~ Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, Mom, www.CrystalMarieSealy.com 

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #3:

Write a blog or article and weave in a story about your champion, partners, or sponsor. Tell a story versus saying, "Thank you for being our sponsor." Stories get shared and repeated.

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #4:

Engage on one of your partner’s social posts and recognize them publicly in front of their audience. Be a champion for what matters for them.

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #5:

This tip is from another of our Raise a Dream community members:

"My favourite way to appreciate a sponsor (or even a volunteer board) is to create a video using photos or video clips from the event or the past year. Order the images so that a story unfolds, add some royalty-free music, and save it to a thumb drive or DVD. (You can find some helpful tips for video creation here.)”

Adrienne White has taken a departure from her work in leadership and is on a mission to help more women live. She aims to positively impact the horrendous statistic that early heart attack signs are missed in 78% of women. She’ll talk to your group or organization, or you can come to one of her public online events All seats are sponsored — so there’s no charge!  Ask you how you can help her reach 10,000 women before the end of heart month (Feb)!"

~ Adrienne White, 5 Personal Strengths That Can Get In The Way Of Living!

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #6:

Write a letter to the mayor or another elected official in your community about local incredible businesses and how they support projects that matter. You can send a copy with a personal note to the sponsor.

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #7:

Put a Happy New Year card in the mail.

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #8:

Write a great review for partners on places like LinkedIn, Yelp, Google Reviews, their Facebook page, etc.

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #9:

Leave a voicemail message on partners’ work phone over the holidays (a happy holidays, happy new year, or “just because” type message).

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #10:

Put an announcement in the local paper acknowledging partners, volunteers, and sponsors. Purchase a copy of the newspaper for everyone who was mentioned in it. Wrap it up and have it delivered to the person along with a mug (including a package of hot chocolate in it) or some other meaningful gift.

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #11:

Send a collage of photos in a frame of the sponsor and their involvement in your project (or showing the impact their support had).

Sponsors & Partners Thank You #12:

Write a handwritten letter that is mailed to the sponsor thanking them for their support and sharing a story of the impact their involvement had on your project.

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