5 Reasons More Businesses Are Saying YES to Sponsorship

5 Reasons More Businesses Are Saying YES to Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an untapped revenue source for many entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors. Corporate sponsorship dollars can help you take your big idea and vision to a global brand or a movement.


Sponsorship is a marketing relationship. You are helping the sponsor as they help you! Doesn’t this feel exciting (and more doable)?

And here’s more good news.

Sponsorship spending is on the rise… and reports indicate that sponsors are seeking new opportunities to fund and support projects through collaboration and sponsorship. This is good news for you and other dream raisers.


Sponsorship is one way to help you raise your dream and get your dream projects funded. Read more here.

Why do businesses and sponsors like sponsorship as a marketing strategy?

We hear time and time again from sponsors that when they choose the right-fit projects to support, sponsorship is a powerful way to build a brand and fulfill marketing goals.

Some of the other reasons sponsors are saying they like marketing through relationships and collaboration include:

  1. Sponsorship creates engagement opportunities for the company staff. Many brands want to support projects where their employees live and work because there is opportunity for the staff to be engaged in the projects their employer supports. This is of huge value to employers. Sponsoring local events and projects also provides opportunity for a company to engage their customers (and prospective customers).

  2. Businesses who participate in sponsorship create the potential for 1:1 connections with their desired (or new) audience. Sponsorship allows a sponsor to get in front of new audiences that they desire (yours) and provides opportunity for them to connect directly with audiences (e.g. through sponsoring events and projects where they can connect with the audience).

  3. Media coverage and social media exposure are important to sponsors. Your social media following may be of interest to the sponsor in helping them achieve their goals.

  4. Sponsorship can help build a brand and introduce the brand (or new brands) to an audience the sponsor is not currently reaching. Read more here.

  5. Sponsorship helps drive traffic for sponsors. For example, when a sponsor provides samples or a gift coupon, it drives traffic to their retail locations or their online store.

Your project or community may be just what sponsors or businesses are looking for. Need help learning what the exact steps are in the sponsorship process (in the right order) and what to say to sponsors?

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