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17 Savvy Strategies to Sell More Books at Book Signings

17 Savvy Strategies to Sell More Books at Book Signings

I’ve been there. The bookstore book signing is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. This does not feel good for the author or for the bookstore. 

So how do you make sure your book signing events are busy, engaging people, and selling lots of books?

Collaborate on Pre-Event Book Signing Marketing

Ensure you meet or talk with the bookstore or book event host to plan out a shared marketing campaign.

Typically bookstores do little to promote the signings; however, here are the things that bookstores (Chapters, Coles, and independent stores) have done in the past to promote book signings when efforts to collaborate result in a coordinated plan ahead of time:

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Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Writing a book is a dream for so many people; however, the majority of people do not raise that dream.

If you have, congratulations!

How many books do you think the average author sells?

It always saddens me when I hear the statistics on book sales for authors. Publishers Weekly recently stated that the average author will sell 3,000 books in a lifetime, and in their first year, that is only about 250-300 books!  YIKES!

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9 Book Marketing Plans To Help You Raise Your Dream Faster

9 Book Marketing Plans To Help You Raise Your Dream Faster

9 Book Marketing Plans To Help You Raise Your Dream Faster

The “If you build it, they will come” concept does not apply to book sales. Selling more books requires a plan and follow-through action.

Every week, I meet authors who thought once they wrote the book, it would just keep selling and they could move on to write another book.

That is not the case. 

Book sales, whether you are traditionally published or self-published, require ongoing marketing, promotion, and sales activities.

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Meme What You Say: Social Media Tools That Help Raise Dreams


Raising Dreams is easier when you have the right tools at the right time.

Memes are a great way of sharing your magic and brand with the world and are also a way of recognizing your champions, partners, and sponsors.

Memes are graphics with words on them. They should contain a contact such as your website or Facebook/Twitter handle.

You can use photos that you have taken or use stock photos from copyright-free sites. Always make sure you give credit when you use other people’s photos or quotes. This demonstrates integrity and respect for others and your sponsors NEVER want to be under scrutiny for a meme you posted that has someone’s copyrighted photo or quote in it.

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10 Tips on How Collaborating with Your University Alumni Can Help Raise Dreams

10 Tips on How Collaborating With Your University Alumni Can Help Raise Dreams

Recently, Charmaine had the opportunity to speak at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention (CAPS) in Ottawa. Many speakers attended her session on Planning a Speaking and Book Tour.  

One of the marketing tips she provided was ensuring that your college or university alumni is engaged in your project. Alumni associations love to hear and share the good news of their members and graduates (no matter how long ago it was). They all have a big database, a large social media following, newsletters, events, and magazines or publications. 

Charmaine has been featured in all her Alumni magazines (Sheridan College, Royal Roads University, University of Waterloo, and Renison College). Two of these Alumni nominated her for prestigious awards, one of which she was honoured with several years ago (Alumni of the year).

They have also hosted events for Charmaine and have attended conferences where she is speaking. She has had numerous updates and full-page features in their magazines and newsletters over the years.​

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Google Alerts: Who’s Talking About Your Brand?

Google Alerts

​I​f you aren't using Google Alerts to find out who’s talking about you, your brand, or your dream sponsors, it’s time to start today! Are you using Google Alerts to…

  • See where you are appearing in the online world?
  • Find out about speaking opportunities?
  • See where your book(s) are being mentioned?

We use this tool daily to find out about media and speaking opportunities, find reviews on our books, and locate where we are being quoted or appearing on blogger or media sites.

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