Become a Strategic Partner

Raise a Dream: Become a Strategic Sponsor - Guide

Connect, build relationships, & showcase your products and services to your perfect audience.

At Raise a Dream, we believe in providing a meaningful sponsorship experience for our sponsors, our students, and the RAD community. You will not find traditional donor levels, gold/silver/bronze tiers or boring, old school sponsorship packages.

We view sponsorship as a collaboration and strategic partnership that mutually benefits all involved.

We promise you a high impact sponsorship experience. At Raise a Dream, not only do we customize sponsorship to meet your specific needs, we actually teach others all over the world to do the same through our online and  in-person programs.

Why become a Raise a Dream Sponsor?

Forming a sponsorship relationship with Raise a Dream puts you in front of an engaged audience of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and high level corporate sponsors.

Not only do we speak at events all year round, we also host 3-day retreats, workshops, group and individual training, & mentorship and online training through our Big Dream Primer Program.

Becoming a strategic partner/sponsor allows you to create a more lasting impression with our clients, students, social media community, & sponsors. You will have the opportunity to be showcased to our community through pre-event marketing and communications, social media, and at our events in a variety of innovative ways.

You'll develop new business connections and nurture existing ones

You'll also be able to access expanded reach through our other partners and affiliates including the Evolutionary Business Council, the Global Influence Summit, and our upcoming Collaborative Leaders Summit. Our members are engaged on a variety of social platforms including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites. The combined reach of our network is over 210 million people.

If you want to expand your reach and attract your target audience in unique ways, contact us today to learn more about your opportunity to customize a package that’s right for you.