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Sponsorship and fundraising has changed significantly over the past few years -- what used to work is now almost a guaranteed recipe for failure. But with all the opportunities available through sponsorship, how does one ensure that they do it right? The answer is: Charmaine Hammond.
Charmaine is the uncontested lead expert in the sponsorship and fundraising arena and teaches the precise principles for success in that game with precision, power, passion, and a perfect touch of humor. If you want to significantly increase your revenue, sponsorship is the journey you want to take, and Charmaine Hammond is the guide you need!

About the Author

Everyone has a BIG dream. It takes a team to make that dream a reality. As co-founders of Raise a Dream, Rebecca Kirstein and Charmaine Hammond help entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and coaches take their idea from big vision to global brand. Raise a Dream's online and in-person training, mentorship, and community will take you through their 7-step model to build and keep relationships with your own strategic partners and sponsors.

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