20 Ways to Thank Sponsors Who Support Your Project, Launch, or Event


Thank you is one of the important steps in our Raise a Dream 7-step model (you can download the model, which is included in the free ebook on our home page).

Recognizing the support of your sponsors and their contribution and involvement in your big dream, project, event, etc. is not an obligation; it’s an opportunity when done the right way.

And saying “thank you” doesn't just happen after something is complete. You can recognize your sponsor in many ways, at many points of time throughout your project.

Below, you’ll find a valuable list of over 20 ideas for thanking sponsors that I shared on a recent Raise a Dream Facebook Live (you can watch here).


It is important to have conversations with your sponsors about how they would like to be recognized, what type of recognition has value for them, how the ROI will be achieved for them, etc. This is very important and demonstrates you really care about the value they experience in working with you.

Show Sponsor Recognition BEFORE the Project / Launch / Event:

#1: Announce your sponsors (through press release, social media, video, etc.).

#2: Create a sponsor board graphic image which includes sponsor logos and can be shared in social media, through email, and as a graphic in your blogs/articles or event/project promotions.

#3: Record an interview with the sponsor (which is then shared on your project/event website and social media).

#4: Put the sponsor logo on your project/event website and promotions.

#5: Include sponsor recognition on project/event promotional materials such as flyers.

#6: Recirculate your sponsors' content (e.g. blogs) to your audience.

Raise a Dream Become a Strategic Partner or Sponsor - Rebecca Kirstein and Charmaine Hammond

Create Opportunities to Thank Sponsors DURING the Project / Launch / Event:

#7: Include sponsor logos on the standing banners.

#8: Display printed sponsor signage.

#9: Recognize sponsors at the event.

#10: Engage sponsors and their employees (e.g. sponsors could sit at tables with attendees, sponsors may want to wear company branded shirts and greet attendees).

#11: Allow sponsors to provide products/samples in swag bags.

#12: Hold a Facebook LIVE with a sponsor from the event.

#13: Include sponsor information in your speaker handout package.

#14: Utilize your sponsor as a case study or story in your presentation.

#15: Create opportunities for sampling of the sponsor’s product(s).

#16: Allow sponsors to set up a booth or to display promotional information.

#17: Hold a draw or contest to collect contacts that your sponsor can connect with on social media or follow up by phone with permission.

#18: Create media opportunities for sponsors.

Follow Up With Appreciation for Sponsors AFTER the Project / Launch / Event:

#19: Do a wrap up video or thank you video that showcases your sponsors.

#20: Write follow-up blogs or articles which talk about the event/project and that feature the sponsors.

#21: Send a personalized thank you card and letter.

#22: Promote the importance of your sponsor’s role in making your event a success on social media.

The next steps for you are to write a list of the many ways you can recognize your sponsors. Then, the next time you’re in conversation with potential partners and sponsors, ensure you ask them!

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Chris Pederson - June 7, 2021 Reply

I agree that there are more ways to recognized a sponsor than just saying "thank you". Sponsors honestly probably don't expect you to say anything back to them a few months down the line. But getting an update would most likely be a welcomed surprise.

    Stacey Terry - June 7, 2021 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your feedback and taking time to read the blog. 😊

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