3 Reasons NOT to Use AI for Sponsorship Proposals

3 Reasons Not to Use AI for Sponsorship Proposals

So many people have jumped on the AI train using ChatGPT to write books in no time at all, create their marketing materials, write blogs, write website copy, and more… Unfortunately, they’re also using AI to develop grant and sponsorship proposals. 

I understand the appeal for people to save time and get things done quickly, but sponsors want to work with YOU (not an AI bot). 


3 Risks in Using AI for Sponsorship Proposals

We have not jumped on the popular AI train for many reasons. In this article, let’s talk about the risks of AI in proposal writing when it comes to sponsorship relationships. 

Risk #1: Sponsorship communications, including proposals, should be customized.

There is no guarantee that information AI gathers is accurate or up to date. Research should be done by humans to override this risk. Additionally, your sponsorship proposal should include information gathered not only from your own research but also specifics that you gained during your discovery calls and meetings with potential partners. If you have not had calls and meetings with the sponsor, and/or have not been asked to send a proposal, you shouldn’t be writing one at all.  

Risk #2: Your voice may be lost. 

Using AI, you run the risk of the proposal sounding artificial and not like you and the authentic voice/tone that the sponsor heard on calls and in meetings. This will create red flags when connecting with sponsors. 

Risk #3: The potential for plagiarism can impact your credibility and get you into hot water.  

With AI, you don’t know where the content has come from nor who actually created it initially. Your prospective sponsor might read something in your proposal that reads like something they (or someone they recognize) wrote (and you have used without their permission or properly assigning credit). Imagine how fast this can damage trust and your reputation. 

My final advice is to be the creator of your own content. Build authentic relationships with sponsors and give them every reason to trust you.  

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