5 Ways Authors Can Make Their Book a Business

5 Ways Authors Can Make Their Book a Business

Authors, it is time to sell more books, sell books in bulk, and make your book a business. The energy, time, personal commitment and emotional investment (let alone financial investment) that goes into writing a book or participating in a collaborative book is steep.

When you commit to making your book a business, not only can you maximize your investment, but you can also increase book sales, get more media, secure more speaking and events, and set yourself up for sponsorship.

Below are 5 tips to make your book a business along with testimonials of authors who’ve been in the Your Book as a Business program, a collaborative offering between Raise a Dream and Women Speakers Association. These tips offer a little sneak preview into what we cover in the

You can join Charmaine along with other authors who want to make a bigger impact with their message and turn their book into a profitable revenue stream.


1) Use Strategies for Selling Multiple Books At a Time

Go from selling one book at a time to 10 or 100 books at a time. When you take time to plan and make your book a business, you can sell your book(s) in bundled sets and in bulk. At book signings, you can sell BOGO sets (Buy One Gift One) where the purchaser buys two books (one that they take home with them and the second which you donate to a charity that will benefit from having copies of your book). 

2) Research Special Sale Opportunities

Have you thought about approaching retailers other than bookstores to sell your book? A gift store or a store that fits with the theme or message of your book may provide new opportunities. You can also consider selling books in bulk to corporations and nonprofit groups as well.

Your Book as a Business - Testimonial - Crystal-Marie Sealy
Your Book as a Business - Testimonial - Sheila Mac

3) Don't Forget About Libraries

Contact libraries in your community and beyond to purchase a copy of your book. You can also offer to do an author reading (e.g. virtual reading) or author Q&A session. Don't forget about school, college, and university libraries as well. 

4) Your Alumni Could Be One of Your Best Marketing Champions

Approach your college/university alumni about your book. Who knows... maybe they will do a feature story about you and your book in their newsletter, magazine, or eblast. 

5) Request Reviews to Generate Sales

Ask people to review your book on Amazon (and any other online book selling/promoting platforms where your book is listed) and Goodreads. You can also request people to post a comment or review on your social media pages. The more people there are talking about your book in front of a wide variety of audiences, the more sales are triggered.

Your Book as a Business - Testimonial - Jeannine Rivers Colburn
Your Book as a Business - Testimonial - Dr Janet JJ Sawyer

When you treat your book like a business, it is possible to have your book generating income in a much bigger way.

Interested in learning more about Your Book as a Business? Check it out here

If you are serious about joining us, contact Raise a Dream (you may be eligible for a discount coupon and save money on your registration). 

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