6 Ways to Find Podcasts for Guest Speaking

6 Ways to Find Podcasts for Guest Speaking
Entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors often ask, "How do I find podcasts for guest speaking opportunities?” Being a guest on podcasts is a great way to share your expertise, have listeners get to know you, and give you shareable content on social media. Speaking in front of new audiences helps you to build your business brand and, depending on the podcast, may provide opportunities to promote your events, services, and products. Being on podcasts can have BIG benefits for sponsors, brand partners, and collaboration champions. Keep reading to the end to find out why!  


How To Find Podcasts for Guest Speaking Opportunities:

Here are a few of the many strategies I use to find podcast opportunities. 

#1: Research podcasts featuring people you know.

Pay attention to the podcasts and shows that your friends and colleagues are on if/when you see them posting a podcast appearance on social media. Engage on their posts and reach out to the podcast host (after your due diligence is done—see bonus tips below). Mention to the host that you had a chance to listen to the interview with your friend/colleague (include their name). Sometimes you can also consider asking your friend/colleague for an introduction to the host. It helps if you then also model the cycle or reciprocity and introduce your friend/colleague to any podcast hosts you know who might be a good fit.

#2: Use Google Alerts.

Set up a Google Alert for search terms like "podcast guest" or "podcasts about YOUR TOPIC". Be sure to keep track of any results you find.

#3: Join social/focus groups dedicated to podcasts.

You can look for an join podcast groups like these:

#4: Share a post on your own social media.

Put a post out across your social media channels asking if your community has suggestions of podcasts that would be a good fit for you.

#5: Follow podcast hosts.

As you start to learn about hosts and shows, follow them on their social media channels. Pay attention to the posts that podcast hosts are putting on social media, especially if they happen to recommend other shows or podcasts. Many hosts have a great network and this can be a rewarding way to learn about podcasts that you had not yet heard of.

#6: Use search engines.

Use Google / Bing / Yahoo (or your favourite search engine) to look for and research podcast platforms for podcasts in your genre.

How to Make the Most of Podcast Guest Opportunities:

Once you find some suitable podcast shows where you can speak, below are some bonus tips to consider.

6 Ways to Find Podcasts for Guest Speaking - Podcast Opportunities - Female influencer interviewing guest on podcast stream, using recording equipment. Happy woman streaming live broadcast episode with man in studio to record conversation for channel.

Podcast BONUS tip #1: Due diligence

Always do your due diligence before reaching out to (and being on) podcasts. Look at the platforms they host their podcast on... 

  • Do they have followers and engagement? 
  • Does it look professional?
  • Most importantly, are you comfortable and in alignment with the host’s interview and communication style? Check the host’s LinkedIn profile and other socials. I can't stress enough how damaging it can be to be on the "wrong" podcasts.

Podcast BONUS tip #2: Tracking

Keep track of the podcasts you both research and appear on. Save the link to the podcast or, better yet, put it on your media page. You can see a collection of our media links HERE, including various podcasts.

Podcast BONUS tip #3: Sharing

Share your podcast a number of times throughout the year across your social media channels. Promoting the podcast gets listenership up and the podcast host will probably re-share or engage (if you are tagging them on your posts). You can also share or use your podcast interviews to create articles and blogs.

Using Podcasts to Connect with Sponsors

And here is a BIG TAKEAWAY. Being on podcasts increases your reach and social footprint, and that audience reach can be important to sponsors. Podcasts also provide a great way to tell stories about your sponsors and collaboration partners in a way that is meaningful (storytelling versus promotional). 

Imagine being a sponsor and hearing you talk about a funny experience you had together, or you “good gossiping” about something that the sponsor just did in their community to support a local organization (so nothing about your project, all about the sponsor). 

Think innovatively. See podcasts as having many benefits. Have a little file of quotes or short tips/stories you can share. When you bring your passion to the podcast, you can build genuine and impactful connections to the people (and sponsors) who are listening. 

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Alex Sanfilippo - December 26, 2023 Reply

Great article 🙂 I like this one the best: "#5: Follow podcast hosts." ... Follow them, get interested, make sure you'll be the right fit!

Keep it up!

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