7 In-Person Event Trends for Sponsorship, Speakers & Industry Sectors

7 In-Person Event Trends for Sponsorship, Speakers & Industry Sectors
In-person events are coming back; event planners are working with speakers, sponsors, and industry sector leaders to plan conferences, trade shows, and other types of events. Below are some of the in-person event trends and tips to keep in mind if you want to tap into live events and optimize your collaborations. For example, if you are a speaker, you will be well served to follow the trade associations for the sectors you speak or consult for.

In-Person Event Trends

These in-person event strategies can help you optimize your approach.


#1: Event Numbers

In-person events are on the rise. This means more opportunities are available for speakers, authors, experts who speak, and sponsors.

#2: Technology

Technology is being seen as one of the most important activations for sponsors. Event apps are definitely on the rise and seen as important to sponsors. Consider ways you can promote and engage sponsors through technology such as quizzes with prizes, games, online feedback forms, virtual swag bags, and virtual booths. Adding a virtual component to all or part of the event can increase attendance and provide other ways for sponsors to connect virtually as well as in person such as virtual breakouts with a sponsor leading the discussion or virtual coffee breaks hosted by sponsors.

#3: DE&I

Diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the event is important (messaging, marketing materials, diversity of speakers, etc.) and provides brands/sponsors with the opportunity to demonstrate how they support this and align with these efforts.

#4: Special Experiences

“Experiences” are highly valuable and allow sponsors to better connect with audiences and maximize recognition for their brand through the event. Consider experiences like VIP tickets which give attendees special features/bonuses or access to speakers and sponsors (that the general registration does not provide). In essence, find ways for your “experiences” to give the audience and sponsors ways to connect.

#5: The Right Sponsor Activations

Meaningful and authentic sponsor activations are highly valuable to brands who are sponsoring the event. How can you create meaningful activations? Remember to ask the sponsor what is important and meaningful to them. 

#6: Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Many brands and businesses are looking to see how you address sustainability and social responsibility. What can you do to promote this at your events? Could you partner with charities and nonprofits? Or could you implement eco-friendly actions (e.g. reducing paper, providing refillable water and coffee cups/containers or recyclable cutlery, etc.)?

#7: Influencer Marketing

There is a shift towards influencer marketing to help connect with younger audiences who are active on social media.

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