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Raise a Dream - Find the right sponsor

Find The Right Sponsor

When you find the right sponsors, the process is easier and even more enjoyable. You build relationships that long outlast your project so you can continue to work with these partners and sponsors on other projects and dreams!

Big Dream Primer - Build sponsorship interest

Build Sponsor Interest

Knowing how to approach sponsors and build their interest and excitement in your project and dreams will leave you feeling more confident and likely having new solutions and opportunities you did not even think possible.

Big Dream Primer - Get sponsors quickly

Get Their Green Light

The waiting game can sometimes feel like it lasts forever. Working with Charmaine and Rebecca will help you navigate through the process to get the green light and go ahead faster (and easier). Less stress and more fun!

Big Dream Primer - Make sponsorship plans

Make Sponsorship Plans

For those of you who love the energy of planning and creating, you will leave the program with tools to make planning and creating easier. Learn to smoothly engage team members and volunteers to help you put your plan in motion.

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What if sponsorship could fund your projects?

Imagine how much more freedom you would have with your airfare comp’d, your rental car at no cost, your hotel paid for, your meals on the house, and your presentations, project, and book launch all sponsored and paid for before you began…

All of these benefits are completely possible and this kind of support is achieved every day by people who understand the value of sponsorship to companies who want to bask in the shine of the goodwill you and your project can create for them.​

Is sponsorship worth it?

There are BILLIONS of dollars in funding that are earmarked to go to projects just like yours every year; the trick is knowing who has the grants, donations, and sponsorship funds, how to engage them, and of course, what you need to do to stand out from the crowd.

When you take this course, be prepared to hear some shocking information about how much pressure is put on sponsorship professionals to find opportunities to allocate five, six, and even seven figures of funding.  There are thousands of people all over the country under huge pressure to make sure that this money is funding projects that make a difference. The next project could be yours.

What They Are Saying

About Your Instructors

Charmaine Hammond - co-founder of Raise a Dream and sponsorship expert

Charmaine Hammond has worked all sides of this equation - at one point being responsible for investing corporate money into sponsorship programs and now as a consultant to people with big hearts, great ideas, and a need for finances in order to make sure their passion becomes a reality.

Rebecca has been fueling projects, businesses, and ideas through collaboration and sponsorship for almost two decades. For her most recent project Rethink Thinking: The Summit, she raised over $200,000 in in-kind and cash sponsorship in less than 4 months for Canada's first inquiry based youth Summit, including Sir Ken Robinson, whose TED Talk is the most watched in history.

Rebecca Kirstein, co-founder of Raise a Dream and sponsorship expert

Charmaine & Rebecca Will Explain all the Fundamentals:

  • Where to find the right sponsors
  • What you need to do in order to get them interested in your project
  • How to present your project in a way that will get them to green light the sponsorship
  • How to get started in building your sponsorship plan and strategy

What You Get

This 7-week course is filled with content, expertise, actionable strategies, and tools you can start using right away.

  • Sponsorship Essentials bonus 45-minute training video to set you up for immediate success (prerequisite before beginning the Big Dream Primer)
  • ​7 inspiring videos that share the ins and outs of securing sponsors for projects
  • The actual spreadsheets, templates, and documents Charmaine and Rebecca use
  • Effective exercises to guide you in building the right relationships
  • Exclusive access to the Raise a Dream Insiders' Facebook Group

When you work with the Raise a Dream Team, you'll also hear from actual sponsors, people who have successfully received sponsorship as a result of their programs, and you'll hear from Charmaine and Rebecca's team members and coaches too.

If you complete our program and don’t see value within 30 days, we 100% guarantee your money back.

If you do all the exercises and homework and fully participate in the program, we have no doubt this will change your business in a positive way.

If you have done all of this and you don’t feel that you received value, that you didn't discover an insider's edge to making a big impact through collaboration and sponsorship, then contact us within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a complete refund of your investment.

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