Bring Your Art, Book, or Film to Life Through COLLABORATION

With Charmaine Hammond and Michael Mankowski

Charmaine Hammond - Executive Producer

Charmaine Hammond

90-Minute MASTERCLASS Video Training
Charmaine Hammond and Michael Mankowski offer you this “inside scoop” masterclass on the steps needed for collaborations that make a difference.
Michael Mankowski - Screenwriter & Director

Michael Mankowski

Imagine YOUR project in a much BIGGER way!

IMAGINE your message (book, film or art) reaching millions of people around the globe and being amplified by brands, businesses, champions and collaboration partners whose audience metrics far outweigh your social footprint and your project being featured to audiences you would have never otherwise reached.

IMAGINE your film getting thousands of views on the trailer as soon as it launches…

IMAGINE that project that you have worked so hard on and committed so much of your time and resources to being brought to life through collaboration.

COLLABORATION can help you make a bigger impact with your project.

Through collaboration, you can get more eyes, views, readers and fans for your projects. Collaboration can also help you connect with brands and influencers you could have never otherwise met.

Ready to Bring Your Project To LIFE?

Charmaine Hammond and Michael Mankowski - Back Home Again - EIFF
  • Are you an author, screenwriter, artist, content creator, director or producer?
  • Do you have a big dream, a project, book or film that you want to bring to life?
  • Is lack of funding and collaboration partners one of your pressing needs?
  • Interested in learning from best-selling author and award-winning executive producer, Charmaine Hammond and the multiple award-winning screenwriter / director / producer, Michael Mankowski?

The content-rich, 90-minute Bring Your Project to Life masterclass training video will take you through some of the essential information about collaboration that is tried, true and tested. Charmaine and Michael are doing exactly what they teach!

Have an important project with any of these BURNING questions?

burning questions - Bring Your Project to Life
  • How can collaboration partners help me market my project and get my project in front of more people?
  • How do I engage a well known cast to my project?
  • Who do I reach out to in companies to explore collaboration or sponsorship?
  • Why is my project stalled?
  • What are the must dos and the must avoids of building relationships with collaboration partners, champions and sponsors?
  • How do I get my project to stand out amongst the many others?

You will hear answers to the questions you need to know!

OVERCOME the Challenges in Bringing Your Project to Life

This video training masterclass is hosted by Best-Selling Author, Executive Producer & Professional Speaker, Charmaine Hammond, along with Award-Winning Screenwriter & Director, Michael Mankowski.

For many authors, content creators and independent film producers or filmmakers, securing funds for your project is one of the biggest challenges in the entire book launch and filmmaking process.

As a content creator, you may also be uncertain of the steps to…

  • Build your team
  • Engage influencers
  • Secure necessary funds
  • Get your project completed
  • And launch successfully...
finding funds for film, book, and art projects

Can you relate to this?

The wrong decisions early on can lead to costly and project-damaging mistakes. Charmaine and Michael share some tips on how to navigate these decisions, why having advisors is necessary, and how to find advisors who have your (and the project’s) best interests top of mind.

What you’ll LEARN

Identify the right people

Learn how to identify the right-fit partners, influencers and champions.

Build relationships

Discover how to successfully build relationships with and engage partners and champions to amplify your message.

Target observances

We'll share 5 reasons that wrapping your marketing campaigns around observances can help you get in front of media, get booked on podcasts, and land marketing collaborations.

Avoid mistakes

Learn the 3 mistakes to avoid (these mistakes can damage your relationship and will cost you time and money).

Fund projects

See how you can apply creative ways to fund your projects.

And sooooo much more!

With your purchase of this video training program, you will also receive these bonuses:

  • The Raise a Dream Bulls Eye tool to plan and implement strategies
  • The Raise a Dream Media Tracker
  • The Raise a Dream calendar of observances
  • The Raise a Dream Social Footprint chart
  • An eBook about sponsorship
  • Masterclass recording & transcript
  • Permanent access to your resources on our membership website

Meet your HOSTS

Charmaine Hammond - professional speaker and best-selling author

Charmaine Hammond

Executive Producer

Charmaine Hammond, professional speaker and 11x best-selling author is a highly sought-after business keynote and workshop speaker, business owner, author and educator who teaches and advocates the importance of collaboration, mental health, and healthy relationships. In her company Raise a Dream, she teaches entrepreneurs how to raise their dreams and fund their projects through sponsorship and collaboration. Charmaine was one of 100 women entrepreneurs in Canada to participate in the 2022 Banff Spark Accelerator program through Banff World Media Festival.

She is also the Executive Producer of the Back Home Again movie, working closely with Michael Mankowski (screenwriter/director) almost since the beginning of this project. Responsible for heading up the collaborations, partnerships, sponsorships, and the marketing and events for the project, she is passionate about this film because Fort McMurray was her home for 15 years. She didn’t live there at the time of the fires; however, she returned to the community to work on a number of resilience and recovery projects with the social profit organizations and school boards. It was there that she met Michael and became involved in the project.

Charmaine Hammond - bestselling author - books

Michael Mankowski

Screenwriter & Director

Michael Mankowski - screenwriter & director

Michael Mankowski was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and is the screenwriter/director of the award-winning animated movie, Back Home Again. The film received an Award of Excellence from Canada Shorts Film Festival and won two awards at the Edmonton International Film Festival (Jury Award for Best Animation Alberta and the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Dramatic). Michael is owner and operator of Alien Kow (formerly known as Wood Buffalo Productions), an Alberta-based award-winning production house. Michael is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Management and the Vancouver Film School 3D & Animation Program.

In 2017, Michael won an award for Excellence in The Arts by the RMWB and Arts Council Wood Buffalo. In 2016, his company won a Leadership Award by RMWB and YYM Magazine. Michael has also produced passion projects, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was the winner of the Best Short Film award at the Alberta Film and Television Awards in 2016.

Charmaine and Michael collaborated to bring to life the award-winning film: Back Home Again
Back Home Again Movie - film poster

Bring Your Art, Book, or Film to Life Through COLLABORATION

90-Minute MASTERCLASS Video Training

Charmaine Hammond and Michael Mankowski offer you this “inside scoop” masterclass on the steps needed for collaborations that make a difference.