Collaboration: Why Sponsors & Funders Want You To Partner on Projects

Collaboration: Why Sponsors & Funders Want You To Partner on Projects

There are many desirable benefits of collaboration... Projects and dreams get launched faster when people come together with common goals, risk is reduced when responsibility is shared, and there are more ways to engage and recognize sponsors. Overall, the end result of any dream raised through collaboration and partnership can be much bigger and better than you may have achieved on your own.

Commonly, collaborative projects are often referred to as alliances, coalitions, partnerships, and networks. Working as teams or units provides the potential or ability to tackle and address challenging problems with innovative solutions.

Sponsors (and funding organizations) are more often encouraging (and in some cases requiring) collaboration as a way of reducing duplication of services, reducing risk, increasing results, and improving sustainability (you can read more here).  


Evidence of Collaboration Attracts Sponsors

Sponsors are approached every day by incredible people, organizations, and entrepreneurs with amazing projects… And many have limited budgets. Sponsorship decision-makers have to make tough choices on what to say yes to and what to decline. When you demonstrate to a sponsor that you have different partners, champions, and collaborative associates on board, this evidence of being a successful team player provides them with one more reason to seriously consider your project.

When you are planning your project, launch, or turning your big idea and dream into reality, find ways to bring on meaningful partners. Make sure they are easy to work with, embrace the vision of the project, can contribute in a meaningful way, and are a good fit.

Rebecca Kirstein’s ReThink Thinking project, Canada's first inquiry-based youth summit, involved collaborations on many levels and included community leaders and volunteers. Additionally, some of their sponsors were actively engaged in the ReThink Thinking events. This is a great example of collaboration on many levels, which provided the youth with an experience that surpassed people’s expectations.


As you plan your next project, consider collaboration in addition to traditional sponsorship. 

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