Collaborative Book Strategy for Nonprofits

Collaborative Book Strategy for Nonprofits: Be an Author, Share Your Message, and Make a Bigger Impact

Nonprofits, charities, and service clubs... have you considered having one of your staff, board, volunteers or clients contribute stories to a collaborative book?

One of the missions of many nonprofits, charities, and service clubs is telling their story, the stories that connect donors, funders, and sponsors to their cause.

Being part of a collaborative book is a great way to share a story about your organization. You can then use the book as an ongoing fundraiser, prizes for your events, and as recognition gifts for donors, sponsors, volunteers, board members… and the list goes on. You can even have sponsors buy bulk quantities of the book for you to then give away or use for fundraising or in your programs with clients.


Be an Author, Share Your Message, and Make a Bigger Impact

If you want to know more about this strategy, book a call with Charmaine. She has been in more than 8 collaborative books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul twice, and has used these books to generate fundraising support for nonprofits. But, imagine if it was your story in the book!  

Book a call with Charmaine to learn how to make this fundraising strategy work for your organization and where to find collaborative books to participate in and get your organization’s story in print. 

From Charmaine: I am delighted to announce that I am a contributing author alongside 40 incredible authors with powerful stories in the upcoming Voices of the 21st Century book, published by WSA Publishing and launching February 23rd, 2021!

We sure hope you will join us for the launch online. There are stories that inspire hope and provide rich tips to help in many areas of life. I will be selling these books in bulk and will also donate books and some of the profits to my favourite charities to support their fundraising efforts for 2021. 

Join us for the book launch February 23rd, 2021 so you can learn more about the experience of being in a collaborative book and more! 

Voices of the 21st Century - WSA - Charmaine Hammond

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