Communication Tools to Help You Raise Your Dream

Communication Tools to Help You Raise Your Dream

There are so many online communication tools and platforms available to help your business and project run smoothly.

The more clarity, ease, and consistency you bring to your communication, the more likely you are to get a YES to any proposed collaboration.

We are all about simplicity and ease, so we’d like to share a few of our favourite communication resources.

Below you’ll find ideas and software that can help you on your path to both connect with and… importantly... follow-up with potential partners and sponsors.


Communication Tools We Love:

  • eVoice: eVoice makes it easy and cost effective to have a toll-free number and answering service for your business. You can direct the phone messages to your email so you can access the audio message right away.

  • Asana: Asana is a team project management platform to help you plan, assign, and track what needs to get done and by when. If you’re losing track of emails, it’s a sign you need to move your communication to a project management platform. There’s a free version of Asana to help you get started.

  • Google Drive: When you need to share resources with others, put your documents (and files, photos, videos, etc.) online so that those you give permission to can edit, look at, save, or download whatever they need to assist you.

  • Dropbox: Dropbox offers a free platform that you can use to store files and share collectively with others.

  • Survey Monkey: If you need to gather pre-planning market research, collect feedback on an existing product or service, or ask for glowing testimonials, you can easily create short online surveys through Survey Monkey.

  • Google Calendar: Stay on-task and on time with the help of Google Calendar. You can share your calendar with other users, set reminders for yourself, and connect it to a range of amazing apps.

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