Do You Treat Your Book Like a Business?

Do You Treat Your Book Like a Business?

Authors put so much time, energy and resources into writing their book that, often, they’re not ready for the next phase of hard work with the marketing and selling of the book. As an 11x best-selling author, I know first hand how much effort goes into bringing a book to life and keeping sales alive on a regular basis. Your writing will reach more readers when you treat your book like a business. With that in mind, your book needs a business plan to ensure its ongoing success.

When you think about your book as a business, you will find you are more creative and more focused in your marketing and sales strategies. 


3 Author Tips to Treat Your Book Like a Business: 

#1: Create Systems for Duplicated Tasks.

Think about all the tasks in book marketing that you repeat more than two times (press releases, calling book stores, setting up signings… and the list goes on). For each task, create a system. Develop a written copy or outline of your system in a file so you can modify and reuse it. Marketing systems and templates save time and money while increasing efficiency. 

#2: Dedicate 30 Minutes Each Monday to Friday to Treat Your Book Like a Business. 

Put a recurring task in your online calendar and spend 30 minutes minimum per weekday on your book business doing tasks that generate sales. That 2.5 hours in a week can bring tremendous results. There are numerous tasks you could focus upon:

  • Call libraries and bookstores to discuss carrying your books.

  • Ask readers to provide a review on Amazon, your LinkedIn profile, your Goodreads page/profile or by email so you can use these in your marketing. Be sure to share the places & links where your book and reviews are available.

  • Set up signings or speaking events where you can sell your book.

  • Connect with online or traditional media for interviews.

  • Work on bulk sales. 

#3: Track Your Sales and Know Your Numbers.

Keep track of your book sales (and how many books you give away). Set a weekly sales goal. For example, if you want to sell five books each week, then ensure your marketing activities line up to this goal. 

More Book Business Strategies

Social media should not be your main selling platform. While social media tools help people learn about your book and can create a strong author platform, look for more active versus passive ways to sell your book like the strategies in this article. 

Importantly, here’s the most critical take-away you can absorb: When you stop marketing, your book stops selling.

Most authors only sell 250 books in total, which breaks my heart. When you look at how much of your soul, time and resources went into the pages, 250 book sales is not a great return. In our Your Book as a Business program, we help authors not only make their book a business but also help their book become an evergreen book that keeps selling. 

Remember, 30 minutes a day marketing and selling your books can have dramatic outcomes. What are you doing today for your 30 minutes? 

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