Fund Your Projects with Collaboration and Sponsorship

Fund Your Projects with Collaboration and Sponsorship

If you’re an entrepreneur, having big dreams to raise and bringing projects to life can be inspiring goals. But to fund your projects, you may run into challenges. In fact, lack of funding and support are often what smothers the dream from being brought to life. 

Collaboration and sponsorship could be the funding game changer. 

Think of collaboration as two or more people (or businesses) coming together to solve an issue they could not have otherwise solved on their own. This is why collaboration can help amplify messages, start movements and create a bigger impact. 


Sponsorship Funding

Sponsorship is a marketing relationship and can be the result of a collaboration. For sponsorship agreements and collaborative projects to work and play a role in funding projects, there are some key steps, mistakes to avoid, and foundational information to understand. 

Check out the video below that explains what sponsorship is, how it can work for projects like yours, and how to stand out to businesses and brands so your projects get greenlit.

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The Importance of Relationships to Fund Your Projects

Entrepreneurs will be well served to look at how and where collaboration could fit in their business model. A great place to start is by looking at the connections and relationships you already have.

  • Visit your LinkedIn contacts to see who you know and are connected to. You might just find that ideas are sparked. 

  • Another tip is to think about where you shop and who you do business with. Starting close to home and with people you know is the first step in building collaboration. 

Here is the 7-step model that is referenced in the video:

Raise a Dream - 7-Step Model for Sponsorship Success

You can download a FREE ebook from the Raise a Dream website that explains this model in more depth.

Sometimes businesses explore collaboration with other businesses and entrepreneurs. How could partnering with other entrepreneurs grow your business, amplify your message and help you get in front of OPA (other people's audiences)?

Watch the video to learn more.

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