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It’s time to get sponsored! Turn your no-fee engagements into FULL-FEE engagements through collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship.

Make More, Spend Less, and STOP Speaking for Free

As a speaker, your influence and access to diverse audiences opens the door for new and different revenue streams.

But... there’s a problem with this.

Most speakers don’t know that finding corporate sponsorship is an option for them. And those who do typically don’t know the exact steps, the person to call, or what to say when they pick up the phone.


As a speaker, you have spent time honing your speaking skills, building your speaker platform and business, creating presentations that make a difference, and building relationships with event planners and audiences.

Raise a Dream has the answers and expertise to help you connect your value as a speaker to corporate sponsors who want to connect with your audiences and networks.

Grow Your Speaking Business Through Sponsorship: Make More, Spend Less, and STOP Speaking for Fre

Access a COMPLETE Guide to Getting Sponsored as a Speaker. 

Video & Audio Recording

Stream or download the 90-minute video and audio recordings (mobile friendly).

Speaker's Guide to Sponsorship Ebook

Access our 30-page ebook specifically targeting strategies for speakers.

Edited Transcript PDF

Receive an edited copy of the transcript from the training video/audio.

Insiders' Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook group with LIVE support and ongoing resources.

BONUS #1: Vital Statistics & Metrics

Your social media reach, influence, and connections are of high value to partners and sponsors. This worksheet will give you a very clear idea of where you can help sponsors. Sponsors love this information!

BONUS #2: 5 Ways To Land More Speaking Opportunities

How can you tap into opportunities to get in front of the audiences where you message will make a difference? Access Charmaine's list of 5 effective ways to find more speaking opportunities.

This is Sponsorship for Speakers Made EASY.

Growing Your Speaking Business Through Sponsorship:
What You'll Learn...

This step-by-step video and PDF guide will take you through the entire process of getting sponsored as a speaker.

It’s the exact model and steps Charmaine Hammond, CSP (speaker for more than 25 years to more than 500,000 people around the world), uses in her speaking business.

  • The 7-step Raise a Dream sponsorship for speakers model (this is your idea-to-implementation road map)
  • What sponsorship is and is not
  • The value you bring to corporations and why they would say YES!
  • How your speaking platform, audiences, and social media metrics can help you secure sponsors that are the perfect fit for you
  • How to go from in-kind sponsorship and “freebies” to paid sponsorship
Charmaine Hammond - co-founder of Raise a Dream

What Speakers Have to Say About Charmaine:

What Our Raise a Dream Clients Have Learned:

  • How to go from a “no” to a “YES” from sponsors by knowing the insider strategies that are shared in this program.
  • Discovered their VALUE to sponsors and how to position this opportunity in their conversations, meetings, and proposals.
  • Turned no-fee speaking engagements (that they would have normally turned down) into FULL-FEE engagements.
  • Generated CASH sponsorship for their speaking tours.
  • Sold their books/products in BULK through the collaboration of corporate sponsors.
  • Funded their speaking and media or book TOURS.
  • Learned how NOT to make the common rookie mistakes that most people make.
Charmaine Hammond | Raise a Dream | Collaboration Partnership Sponsorship

Our Expertise in Sponsorship

Rebecca Kirstein & Charmaine Hammond | Raise a Dream Co-Founders

Charmaine Hammond, CSP, has been in the business of changing lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years through teaching the principles of collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (currently, she is one of the 12% of speakers world wide who hold this designation), bestselling author, and professional speaker, Charmaine has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, even her pet food and dog poop bags!

Serial entrepreneur, Rebecca Kirstein, is a speaker, educator, idea generator, team builder, collaborator, and connector — a conduit to the best knowledge and sponsorship resources for entrepreneurs.

She helps business owners navigate the challenges and pitfalls of meeting their project goals — whether that means establishing a venture, developing hidden potential, taking business to the next level, securing sponsorship, or generating support for an idea — so they can move toward real success for themselves and their communities.

Grow Your Speaking Business Through Sponsorship: Make More, Spend Less, and STOP Speaking for Free 

You are one step closer to finding sponsors and getting to YES!


What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. We stand behind all the Raise a Dream products and services. We believe so strongly in what we teach and the results our programs can create that if you do the work and don’t see results, let us know within 30 days and we'll return your money.

Sound Okay?

Charmaine has been in the speaking business for many years. She knows the speaking industry and the sponsorship world. Rebecca is a serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, and has generated thousands in sponsorship for her projects as well as for her clients.

There is nothing more inspiring to us than receiving an email or a Facebook post from one of our clients announcing their latest win in sponsorship. We love to celebrate wins, and we know that each time you take a step, you are one step closer to these same kind of wins… increased influence, in-kind sponsorship, and cash sponsorship.

Grow Your Speaking Business Through Sponsorship

Make More, Spend Less, and STOP Speaking for Free



  • Stream or download the video/audio recordings of the 90-minute training
  • Receive a copy of The Speaker's Guide to Sponsorship Success 30-page eBook
  • Access an edited PDF copy of the video training transcript
  • Join our Insiders' Facebook group for ongoing support and sponsorship strategies
  • BONUS #1: Vital Statistics & Metrics worksheet for tracking your value to sponsors
  • BONUS #2: Charmaine's list of 5 Ways To Land More Speaking Opportunities 

Are You Ready to Make More, Spend Less, and STOP Speaking for Free?

The dreams you want to raise are no longer a dream…. They are a plan already in action.

We always say, “It takes a dream to raise a team!” We are super excited to be a part of raising your dream.

Dream Big,
Charmaine and Rebecca

Grow Your Speaking Business Through Sponsorship: Make More, Spend Less, and STOP Speaking for Free
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