Hire an Event Planner: The Key to Sanity, Savings, and Success!

Hire an Event Planner: The Key to Sanity, Savings, and Success!

Event planners. They are the treasured keepers of sanity, savings, and success and the reasons to partner with or hire an event planner for your next event are profuse.

Of course, savvy speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs will try to minimize event costs, perhaps believing that one such saving is to NOT hire an event planning professional. We get it. We’ve been there.

But… the reality of not having a volunteer team, event planning expert, and event support is that everything falls into your lap.

As an event host or speaker, it's not just that you likely will not have the time (or skill set) to manage all these details... it shouldn't be you doing these tasks. If you’re the frazzled one moving furniture, dealing with heating/cooling issues, and handling questions about where the bathrooms are from the attendees, you’re probably not painting the image you wish for yourself as an expert or speaker.


You’ll end up trading one type of cost for another, so do what’s best for you (and your event) and leave this work in the capable hands of event professionals. Stay in your lane of genius.

We had the wonderful opportunity to work with award-winning event planner, Ashley Meadahl, the founder of Premiere Event Management.

Ashley and her incredible event management and planning skills brought a whole new level of sanity and success to the Global Influence Summit, of which Raise a Dream was a sponsor (an event that Charmaine is a co-founder of).

She created templates, schedule and flow outlines for the entire event, dealt with the hotel staff, was the point person at the event, coordinated the volunteers, supported the speakers and event hosts, and more! She also helped us create systems and processes for the event (and future events), and facilitated a “lunch and learn” with the conference venue.


The relief of knowing your event details are taken care of is extraordinary.

As you plan your next event, consider how an event management and planning expert can help take your event to a whole new level of success. Imagine how having this expertise at your event could optimize the attendee and sponsor experience.

It takes a team to raise a dream!


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