How a Book Can Help Your Impact and Income Reach New Heights

How a Book Can Help Your Impact and Income Reach New Heights

Did you know that there are book marketing opportunities available that can not only help you spread your message, but also increase your impact and income?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a nonprofit, a service club, or an individual, if you have a story that can help people or content that people need, launching a book may be a perfect opportunity to get that message into the right hands (or even ears). 

Let’s unpack this a bit and start with a few simple examples.


How to Use Book Promotions to Boost Business and Build Community:

When you know the key steps on how to market and sell books, your publications can be an easily accessible entry point to help introduce people to what you have to offer and to build out new areas of service. 

  • For example, if you’re a health expert, you can create a short book on your favourite recipes and exercises to improve health. The full book can be available for sale and a book “sampler” (a few sections of the book) could be a downloadable PDF opt-in/lead generator to have people join your email list. The more you build your list, the wider an audience you have for your products and services.
  • If you’re a speaker or coach, you can increase the value and impact of your offerings by including your book in your packages.
  • A book can also help you build a community and an audience for your services (marketing expert Michela Quilici provides a guest interview (such rich content!) on how to build community in the Your Book as a Business program). 

Book Strategies to Raise Funds:

Nonprofit and service club leaders can use books as part of their annual fundraiser. You could arrange to have someone from your organization (like a board member, staff, volunteer, or client) be part of someone else’s collaborative book like the WSA Voices of the 21st Century book or you can create your own short book (a collection of stories or a “content/how to” book as a couple of ideas). 

These books could be an ongoing year-round fundraiser and awareness builder for you or your group. You can even learn how to sell books in bulk to sponsors and local businesses. We go into the potential strategies in the Your Book as a Business program (click HERE to learn more).

Stories connect people. In this digital world we are living in, people are reading more, looking for help and inspiration and your book may be exactly what they need!

If you’re looking to expand your reach and your revenue, then consider writing and book marketing as potential paths to success.

Your Book as a Business - Charmaine Hammond

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