How To Leverage Your NO FEE Speaking Presentations

How To Leverage Your NO FEE Speaking Presentations
Speakers are often asked to take “no fee” presentations. Sometimes, speaking without a paid monetary fee can make good sense as a strategic marketing activity. Quick sidebar tip... Avoid using the words “FREE presentation” or “speak for FREE”... Instead, use the language “no fee engagement”. Even if there is no fee, there are many ways to leverage no fee speaking presentations and conferences.

Video Opportunities for No Fee Speaking Engagements:

As a speaker, ask the organizer if you can video record your presentation. They may ask that you avoid capturing the audience members or only capture the back of peoples’ heads. You can sort these details out with the organizer.


You can then use such videos in your speaking portfolio to provide to potential event planners considering you to speak at their event. Take snippets from various speaking events to create a sizzle reel. You can also include still image excerpts from the video for your social media.

Additional No Fee Speaking Opportunities You Can Leverage:

  • If recorded, get the talk transcribed into a text document (we use for our transcriptions). You can use the transcription to create ebooks and/or blog articles.
  • If you have permission from the event organizer, you can upload the presentation to your YouTube channel (or your blog articles can link to any recordings on the host’s channels) to help feature your speaking.
  • Put a link to the talk (that you have uploaded to YouTube or your website) in your email signature line.
  • Put the link to the video in your LinkedIn Bio and media tracker or media page.
  • Create a quiz or quick trivia based on your talk (for eblast, social media).
  • Provide the YouTube link to colleagues and ask them to post a comment to help create traction.

What other ways can you leverage no fee speaking opportunities to get you booked?

Speaking can also be a great addition to a virtual book tour, if you have or will be launching a book. Find out more here.

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