I Feel Like I Need to Build A Team But Have No Budget

I Feel Like I Need to Build A Team But Have No Budget

Let’s face it... raising dreams and building a business can be tough and isolating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Raising big dreams like the ones you have takes a team. But who says you need a huge budget to build a team?

5 Collaborative Ways to Build Teams Without a Budget

Below are a few ways that we have built teams to raise dreams without a budget (or while the funds are being generated to pay a team).


  1. Collaborate With Contacts You Already Have.

    There are lots of people you know who would be glad to support you or lend a hand. Sometimes help is closer than you think -- a family member, a friend, neighbour, colleague, or even a past co-worker. The key is to find ways to mutually support one another. It’s a two-way street type of relationship. This creates what Dr. Shawne Duperon (Project Forgive and Charmaine’s media coach) refers to as a cycle of reciprocity.
  2. Investigate College or University Internships.

    Meet with your local college or university to inquire about students looking for meaningful work experience opportunities.
  3. Contact Your Local Volunteer Association.

    There may be volunteers in the community that are looking for a project to support, just like yours.
  4. Explore Grants for Hiring a Team.

    Many states and provinces have different grants or sources of funding to hire interns, new grads, summer students, etc.
  5. Host an Ideas Circle.

    Have 5-10 friends and family in a short group meeting or call. Let them know you are building a team to support your dream and need their help. Ask them to generate ideas of how you can build a team and bring on board the much needed skills (tell them what the skills are) and see what the group comes up with. 😀

Hopefully this gives you a few budget-friendly ideas to get started. It takes a team to raise a dream and the courage to make an ask. Starting with people you know can be the most beneficial step you take.

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