Keeping Your Membership Community Engaged

Keeping Your Membership Community Engaged

With the virtual world being here to stay and people joining more Facebook groups, online membership platforms, mastermind groups online (and the list goes on), two important questions often arise:

  • How do I retain my members?
  • How do I keep my members engaged, participating, and receiving continual value?

To determine the answer for the best online strategies for engagement, start with determining your own responses. Write your answers down; this could be helpful information.


Membership Community: Engagement Questions

  • What makes you want to stay in communities (in person or online) that you have joined?
  • What results in a quick exit for you?
  • What are the qualities of online communities that you enjoy and make you want to tell others about it or invite your circle in?

My friend Harison Klein, who I consider to be a genius in so many things—mindset... global reach... influential leadership (to name a few)—once told me that to increase participation and membership retention, it is important to remember WHY people will join a project or your community, movement, organization or association. The WHY is so important.  

So why might people join? Harrison suggested it often comes down to a couple reasons:

  1. To establish personal or business credibility and authority.
  2. To advance one's skills.

Reasons For Joining

Reflect upon the reasons you have supported different projects and charities or why you have paid for memberships with different organizations. What was driving your decisions? Was it any of the following?

  • To get community assistance
  • To anticipate reciprocity and rewards
  • To establish social proof           
  • To get recognition
  • To expand your personal development and self-growth
  • Other?

Start with your WHY. Ask your community what they want, need, and expect. Explore with your community how they would like to be engaged.

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