Managing Overwhelm and Idea Burnout

Managing Overwhelm and Idea Burnout

Have you ever been working away on your computer, engrossed in tasks, working in your joy, ideas flowing like an erupting volcano... and then your computer crashes. No warning. No time to save. Just shuts down. As you investigate further (and recover your 27 on-the-go Word documents) and open the army of tabs that closed, you discover your computer crashed because there were just too many tabs open. Too much to process. <ERROR: Managing overwhelm function—denied!>

I have discovered that as humans we sometimes experience this same trouble. It's like our brain has too many tabs open. Too many ideas being worked on at one time. This situation happens a lot for dream raisers, creators and innovators.

So how do you avoid the crash (and burnout) just like the computer?


4 Ideas for Managing Overwhelm:

1) “Touch the paper once” rule.

The original idea suggests that when you pick up a sheet of paper, you should tackle whatever actions come with it immediately (and avoid the time-wastes of shuffling, delaying, revisiting, etc.). I learned a long time ago to work on something until completion. Or, do what you can, save, and then create a reminder to complete (e.g. send yourself a calendar reminder or put in your project management software or app such as Asana, Teamwork, Basecamp, etc.).

2) Work on the urgents first. 

Prioritize tasks with a deadline, needs for a client or customer, ideas that generate revenue, or other projects that have a sense of urgency.

3) Capture ideas quickly.

Use voice recognition software such as Dragon Speech and when you have ideas, simply talk them onto an opened Word document (and save). At the end of the day, review your verbal captures and put tasks into your calendar or project management system. Not every idea is one you should work on now... Sometimes, just getting it out of your head and on to paper, so to speak, will help.

4) Practice the D's... 

Do it. Delegate it. Defer it (with a plan and reminder to come back to it). Delete it.

What are your best strategies for energy efficiency and managing overwhelm?

Want to learn more? Book a complimentary call with Charmaine. She can help you identify your priorities, so you can have the right tabs open at the right time. Complete and succeed instead of crash and burn.

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