National Author's Day: 5 Opportunities to Promote Your Book

National Author's Day: 5 Opportunities to Promote Your Book

National Author’s Day is coming up November 1st. It’s often a day when people discuss or reach out to their favourite writers, buzz about the books they reread again and again or that made a difference, and share love for the way that authors and writing can connect us to one another and incredible stories. This is a great day for you as an author to think about book marketing and ways you can attach your book to this annual observance.

5 Ways to Optimize National Author’s Day Promotions:

If you're an author (or soon-to-be-published writer), here are 5 easy ways to tie your book to this annual event.


#1: Add National Author’s Day to your marketing calendar.

Be sure to mark November 1st as an annually recurring observance in your online calendar (and include an  email notification reminder to yourself for either August or September so you have enough time to plan). You might also want to add brainstorms of book marketing ideas you could consider to the calendar event to remind you of actions you could pursue each year.  

#2: Look for local opportunities.

Contact libraries and bookstores in your region to explore if there are ways to work together for National Author’s Day. For example, maybe you can do an author reading / signing or author Q&A.

#3: Look for online opportunities.

Consider creating a series of evergreen social media posts leading up to November 1st. Ensure you use the #NationalAuthorDay hashtag in your post captions. If you pre-write your social media posts, you will be able to schedule them into your social media posting platform(s) and recycle these posts every year.

Here are a couple examples:  

  • Nov. 1st is #NationalAuthorDay - a great day to celebrate the #authors you love.
  • Today, Nov 1st, is #NationalAuthorsDay. Today I am celebrating my first book, #OnTobysTerms, and all my friends and colleagues who are authors.

#4: Look for media opportunities.

Contact media with a media pitch focusing on National Author’s Day as maybe they are interested in interviewing you on November 1st.

#5: Look for educational opportunities.

Reach out to school librarians to explore doing a presentation for students on November 1st about being an author, writing a book, and the importance of the arts.

Important National Author’s Day Tip

Whatever way you decide to promote your book or writing for National Author’s Day, be sure to put your plans in place early. Including marketing plans for November 1st and other annual holidays and observances can help you expand your author platform and sell more books!

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Kate Donne - June 15, 2023 Reply

Celebrating National Authors Day is great for all authors as it helps writers to meet with their readers and the author can also market their books and get more sales.

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