Sharing Stories to Build Sponsorship and Business Relationships

Sharing Stories to Build Sponsorship Relationships

I recently heard colleague and speaker, Karen McGregor, say something about speaking that also translates into the collaboration and sponsorship world.

She said, "One of the mistakes is that speakers don't understand what the audience is buying, e.g. transformation or the ability/skills to get over a problem. You can help them understand this through stories. You must share stories."

So how does the need to share stories relate to getting your projects funded, securing sponsorship dollars, attracting people to support your crowdfund, or turning prospects into contracts?


When potential sponsors, marketing directors, and community investment personnel at your favorite brands hear you sharing stories about impact, results, and ROI (through stories), it more deeply connects them to the project and they can more easily see where they fit in. The see themselves in your dream or project.

Just like speakers need to practice their stories and presentations and ensure they are understandable, brief, and authentic, you must do the same with stories you will be sharing.

One tip that Charmaine encourages is to practice in front of a mirror. The mirror will show what you "really" look like when you communicate. You will also see if your energy or non-verbal communication changes when you get nervous or make a mistake. These are all the things a sponsor would see if this was a real-life conversation.

Remember, the most important conversations and presentations that you will be making are well worth your time to prepare, plan for, and practice.

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