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with Charmaine Hammond & Rebecca Kirstein

Learn the 3 Most Important Calls You Need to Make to Fill Your Schedule with Speaking and Book Events


Immediate Steps To Plan Your Profitable Speaking & Book Tour

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Your Hosts:

Charmaine Hammond

Raise a Dream, co-founder

Rebecca Kirstein

Raise a Dream, co-founder

sponsorship collaboration speaker

What you’ll discover on this video:

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    Secure more speaking opportunities and sell more books. Learn how to make a bigger difference in the world.
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    Take your message, business, and book on the road with a speaking and book tour. Find out ways to reach more people and enjoy travelling business class.
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    Get your speaking and book events funded through sponsorship partnerships. Learn where to start.

This is a value-packed video!  Claim your video access now and ​catch the recording from Charmaine and Rebecca. This presentation will change the way you think about speaking and book events…

Why use sponsorship?

Charmaine Hammond has done several tours, her most recent covering 14,000 km across North America on her Million Acts of Kindness Tour in a 32-foot sponsored motorhome… the kindness mobile. 

Collaboration was key in making the project possible!

In this masterclass, Charmaine and her business partner, Rebecca Kirstein, will share the 3 most important calls to make when planning your tour and why you must have a city champion or ambassador to ensure success.


Both new and veteran speakers will hear very interesting marketing, promotion, and bulk sale ideas for your books/products. You will learn the immediate steps to develop your plan, know what mistakes to avoid making, and how to fund your next tour… whether it be a 5, 5, 5 approach (5 stops in 5 days in 5 communities) or something on a larger scale.

Are you a speaker who is looking to combine your book and speaking, or a speaker who wants to step up the degree of collaboration in your business model? Don’t miss this masterclass.

Your Masterclass Leaders

Charmaine Hammond, CSP, has been in the business of changing lives for more than 25 years. This former Correctional Officer (yup! She worked in jails) and Corporate Dispute Resolution Expert now travels the world teaching the principles of leadership, collaboration, and sponsorship. As a bestselling author (of 5 books and featured in 7 others) and professional speaker, she has planned speaking and book tours for herself and her clients. Charmaine has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, and even her pet food and dog poop bags! She has developed sponsorship relationships with more than 40 sponsors and 60 business partners. Her recent speaking and book tour, Million Acts of Kindness, involved a 14 000 km tour in a 32-foot sponsored motorhome, hotels sponsored for the team, and more than 40 businesses and retail chains raising funds in their stores/businesses to support this movement… A Million Acts of Kindness.

Rebecca Kirstein has firsthand experience over several decades in founding small businesses, tech startups, investment corporations, and non-profits. Rebecca has been fueling projects, businesses, and ideas through collaboration and sponsorship for almost two decades. For her most recent project, Rethink Thinking: The Summit, she raised over $200 000 in in-kind and cash sponsorship in less than 4 months for Canada's first inquiry-based youth summit. Sponsorship was secured for hotels, venue, food & beverage, educational tools, swag, decor, and speakers including Sir Ken Robinson, whose TED Talk is the most watched in history.

Together, Charmaine and Rebecca are the co-founders of Raise a Dream and train entrepreneurs to use collaboration, partnerships, and sponsorship to fuel their visions from big ideas to global brands.

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