Sponsor Spotlight Checklist: How to Recognize Sponsors at Events

Sponsor Spotlight Checklist: How to Recognize Sponsors and Partners at Events So They Say YES to Multi-Year Sponsorship Funding!
  • ​Are you a speaker who speaks at events and conferences that have sponsors?
  • Are you an event host or event planning professional?
  • Do you host events, conferences, mastermind, masterclasses, retreats, or trade shows?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this article and checklist is for you!


​First: What NOT To Do ​When It Comes to Sponsorship and Events

Far too many speakers and event hosts are missing opportunities, leaving money on the table, and losing sponsors for future events because they make these mistakes (don’t make these mistakes):

  • Not fulfilling promises and commitments.
  • Overpromising… telling the sponsor that 300 people will be at the event and 40 show up (and 10 are speakers/MC/event host).
  • Not keeping the relationship going throughout the year… (only approaching the sponsors when you need money).
  • Not recognizing sponsors in meaningful ways at the event.
  • Missing opportunities to connect the sponsor to your audience.

Ultimately, lost opportunities mean you are providing the sponsor with less ROI (return on investment) or value, which may impact their decision to return the next year…. What a loss!

How to Recognize Sponsors and Partners at Events So They Say YES to Multi-Year Sponsorship Funding!

If you’re a speaker at events where there are sponsors, go meet them, thank them, and then shout them out on social media. Even though they are sponsoring the event (and not you directly), you can stand out from other speakers by doing those three simple things.

​Use our helpful Raise a Dream checklist of ways that you can recognize sponsors and stand out to them at events.

When you keep sponsors and partners in the spotlight and bring them more ROI than they expected, chances are you’ll get them to say YES to sponsoring your next event!

Recognizing Sponsors Before Events:

  • Put your sponsor logos (with a link and short description of the company) on your website.
  • Create a sponsor graphic with all sponsor logos for your website and for social media. You can even use this graphic in your email signature line for the period leading up to the event.
  • Mention sponsors in press releases.
  • ​Create engaging and positive social media campaigns and interact (share the sponsor’s content with your audience and engage with their content).
  • ​Create an event banner graphic for social media that has the sponsor’s logos on it.
  • ​Interview sponsors and share the recording on social media, with your following (e.g. email), and put on your YouTube channel.
  • ​Request content from the sponsor that you can share with your audience.
  • ​Offer sponsors the opportunity to provide early registration bonuses, which of course become part of your event promotion.

Recognizing Sponsors During Events:

  • ​Place signage, banners, step and repeat banners with sponsor logos in the main areas of the event space (registration table/entrance, by stage, by water/refreshment area, etc.)
  • ​Include sponsor logos on the mic flag for the MC.
  • ​Share appreciation on Facebook LIVE and live LinkedIn videos (and you can use the mic flag for these too).
  • ​Create opportunities for sponsors to have their representatives sit with the audience instead of a VIP sponsor table. They want access to the audience, not each other.
  • ​Use different colour name tags or lanyards for sponsors to help them stand out.
  • ​Put the sponsor’s logo on their name tag.
  • ​Print logos on lanyards.
  • ​Add sponsor information in printed program documents and on a sponsor slide deck that rotates at breaks.
  • ​Meet and greet with sponsor tables for breaks.
  • ​In the event schedule, include times for “shout outs” from the stage.
  • ​Have volunteers assigned to introduce sponsors to the different audience members.
  • ​Schedule stage time for sponsor recognition or presentations.
  • ​Encourage sponsors to bring samples to the event (works great for products).
  • ​Hold a raffle (for sponsor to collect business cards).
  • ​Take video and photos of the sponsor on stage to provide to the sponsor, share on social media, and include in the event sizzle reel for future year promotions.

Recognizing Sponsors After Events:

  • ​Post social media shares of gratitude that mention sponsors (video, photos, and testimonials from attendees).
  • Compile photos of the sponsor at the event and put into a collage or video and share with sponsor.
  • Schedule a sponsor fulfillment meeting and send a report.
  • Choose and mail thank you cards (handwritten).
  • Send a letter of thanks that includes comments from attendees.
  • Include mention of the sponsors in any post-event video.
  • Offer a discount or added bonus for returning as sponsor to your next event.
  • Write blogs and articles about the event and include photos from sponsors.
  • Do a Facebook and LinkedIn Live video thanking sponsors.

These are a few of the many ideas we talk about for building relationships with sponsors in our Big Dream Primer program and 1-day sponsorship intensive events

To learn more, visit our “Work With Us” page.

Be Creative… 

Think from the sponsor’s perspective about what would shine a light on your sponsors, deliver the most value, and set yourself up for a yes for the next year!

Let us help you attract your support community.

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