Sponsorship Essentials

Learn the 7 Essential Steps to Funding Your Dream Projects with Sponsorship.

Sponsorship Essentials

Don’t let lack of money, time, or energy be the reason you put your big dream on hold!  

Every day we meet speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs like you who need support with their project, but are frustrated by a lack of funds or the necessary resources to put that support into place and bring their project to life. Their goals are just not being fully realized. Collaboration and sponsorship can help. 

You may have untapped value you could offer potential corporate partners and brands who are in a position to sponsor your needs. 

There are sponsors (from small local businesses to larger corporate brands) waiting for someone like you and a project like the one you are launching and bringing to life.

find the right sponsors and collaboration partners

The Sponsorship Essentials video training will teach you how to find the right partners and build relationships that lead to a YES from sponsors.

Make a Difference

Learn how to approach each step of the model and how using it with sponsors can help you build influence and impact in the world.

Avoid Rookie Mistakes

Discover how the 7-Step Sponsorship Model can help you avoid common rookie mistakes so you’ll look like a pro!

Take Action

Hear tips and strategies for how to get started NOW building successful relationships with brands and standing out to sponsors.

This 40-minute video training provides you with the 7-step model that Raise a Dream co-founder, Charmaine Hammond uses successfully every day in her work and projects and with her clients projects.

You'll learn how a positive and collaborative mindset can help you achieve the needs of your project.

The Raise a Dream Model for Sponsorship Success

…worth rearranging things on your calendar to attend…

Charmaine Hammond leads an incredibly valuable training program on sponsorships. In just her one-hour session, I discovered the specific steps for finding and approaching potential sponsors.  A big takeaway was to evaluate what my company, Transform Today Marketing Agency, and digital marketing strategy consulting services can offer to potential sponsors. Furthermore, Charmaine brilliantly instilled some fresh and out-of-the-box ideas about who potential sponsors could be. I always learn so much from Charmaine. She is the sponsorship queen and is worth rearranging things on your calendar to attend her training sessions.  

~ Laura Rubinstein

Digital Marketing Strategist


Research Essentials

Successful sponsor relationships start by getting to know the right details about a potential partner or brand. You'll learn what details to have in place before you connect with sponsors.


Discovery Call Essentials

The most intimidating step for many people is the first call with a potential sponsor or collaboration partner. Learn how to ask the right questions and handle the call with confidence.


Follow-Up Essentials

There are crucial steps to take to ensure both you and your sponsorship partner derive valuable return on investment. Learn what the steps are and when to take them.

Client Stories

Sponsorship Essentials: Features

This digital online training is available on our membership site. Upon purchase, you'll be emailed access details. Once you login, you'll be able to watch the video, review the steps, and take action.

  • 40-minute online video/audio training - stream or download
  • Access to our private Insiders' Facebook group with ongoing support and the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and service clubs
  • Professional transcript of the video in PDF format
  • Printable PDF copy of the 7-Step Sponsorship Model diagram
  • Printable PDF copy of the video slides
~ Geordie Heath, LoveYourLifetoDeath.com


Q: Have these 7 steps been tested? How do I know they work?

A: Charmaine has been using these steps for many years for building collaborations and sponsorship relationships. Our Raise a Dream clients are using these steps and processes to find collaboration partners and sponsors to support their projects, bring projects to life, and create a bigger impact.

Q: Will this product help me get sponsors?

A: This product will help you understand the exact steps to find potential (and the right fit) sponsors, build meaningful relationships with them, have success in discovery calls, and turn objections into opportunities. The video helps you avoid the mistakes that most speakers and entrepreneurs make (which result in no’s). When you know these 7 steps (and actually follow them), you have a much better chance of finding and keeping sponsors. Keep in mind that getting sponsors takes some time and work on your part. Many times, people want the “magic fix” to short-cut the necessary work. In sponsorship, there is no magic fix. If you bypass the necessary steps, you will land yourself a lot more rejections than opportunities. But, when you follow the steps and put in the time, you will see results!

Q: What kind of success are your Raise a Dream clients having?

A: We have clients who have had different types of and levels of support. Some have used this model in other programs, attended live or virtual workshops, or pursued 1:1 mentoring with us. The clients that put the training into practice are seeing great results. Here are a few of many of the results:

  • No fee speaking engagements sponsored (so the speaker is paid their fee by a sponsor when otherwise the speaker would have turned the opportunity down)
  • Travel (hotel, car rental, food)
  • Printing (such as retractable standing banners, car magnets, handout packages, postcards, business cards, branded USB sticks, bookmarks, swag, and more)
  • Bulk orders of books purchased by sponsors
  • Media and marketing
  • Clothing, accessories, hair styling, cosmetics, jewelry, health products, spa and personal services
  • Sponsorship for podcasts, book launches, events, and fundraisers
  • Cash sponsorship
  • And so much more

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Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30-day money back guarantee. Join us for Sponsorship Essentials. There’s no risk… we guarantee that if you watch the video, review the resources, and put our strategies into action, you'll get results. When you purchase this training, you'll also become a member in our Raise a Dream Insiders’ Group where you'll continue to receive training videos, sponsorship resources, expert interviews, tips from sponsors, and more... so your investment never stops rewarding you!

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