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Sponsorship Intensive Masterclass


Exclusive full-day training for ​speakers, entrepreneurs, and coaches

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Discover how sponsorship & social media can take your vision from big idea to global brand.

Training designed for speakers, entrepreneurs, and coaches with big dreams wanting to tap into new and existing relationships through collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship.

Jump Start

Gain “insider” tips, strategies, and actual examples to help you jumpstart your sponsorship immediately.

Proven Systems

Receive Raise a Dream's exact templates, systems, forms, processes, voicemail scripts, and call questions.


Guest Experts

Learn directly from ​experts in social media, branding, marketing, etc. plus sponsorship decision-makers from various industries.

Live, In-Person

Because these intensives are small groups, you have direct access to Charmaine's guidance and Raise a Dream's valued partners.

Imagine the freedom...

Charmaine Hammond & Rebecca Kirstein - Raise a Dream co-founders

​Raise a Dream Co-founders:

Charmaine Hammond &

Rebecca Kirstein

With sponsors on board, you can have:

  • ​Your marketing plan arranged
  • ​Your printing costs covered
  • ​Your event space booked
  • ​Your rental cars at no cost
  • ​Your meals on the house
  • ​Your presentation, project, or book launch paid for before you begin!

​All of these are completely possible and this kind of support is achieved every day by people who understand collaboration and the value of sponsorship to companies who want to bask in the shine of the goodwill you and your project can create for them.

There are BILLIONS of dollars in funding that are earmarked to go to projects just like yours every year. The trick is knowing who has the funds, how to engage them, and then what you need to do in order to close the deal.

Be prepared to hear some shocking information about how much pressure is on committees to give away five, six, and even seven figures of funding.


Jo Dibblee

First Sponsor Within Weeks!

"Learning about the true value of collaborative sponsorship from the Raise a Dream Team was invaluable to me in the growth of my business.

I took away actionable strategies and tools and landed my first big sponsor within weeks of taking the program!"

~ Jo Dibblee
Speaker, Author, and Breakthrough Expert

Jo Dibblee


Joseph Ranseth

Sponsorship Is the Journey You Want to Take

Joseph Ranseth - Speaker, Author, Transformationalist

"Sponsorship and fundraising has changed significantly over the past few years -- what used to work is now almost a guaranteed recipe for failure. But with all the opportunities available through sponsorship, how does one ensure that they do it right? The answer is: Charmaine Hammond.

Charmaine is the uncontested lead expert in the sponsorship and fundraising arena and teaches the precise principles for success in that game with precision, power, passion, and a perfect touch of humor.

If you want to significantly increase your revenue, sponsorship is the journey you want to take, and Charmaine Hammond is the guide you need!"

~ Joseph Ranseth,
Speaker, Author, Transformationalist



Michael Kerr

Charmaine is a true Rock Star When it Comes to Sponsorship Expertise

"Charmaine is a true rock star when it comes to sponsorship expertise.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation she delivered to the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Her engaging delivery and content-rich presentation hit the mark with everyone in the room.

It was packed with content and relevant, immediately doable ideas that any professional speaker, author, or innovative entrepreneur could put to work immediately! She earned a rousing and well deserved standing ovation from the audience.

I highly recommend Charmaine, particularly to any speakers or authors who want to learn the ins and outs of leveraging sponsorship in their business!"

~ Michael Kerr,
Hall of Fame Business Speaker


Michael Kerr - Hall of Fame Business Speaker


Gail Watson

​We have Close to $300,000​ in Partnerships... Thanks to Raise a Dream  


​Your Masterclass Host:

Charmaine Hammond - co-founder of Raise a Dream

Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond has been in the business of transforming lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years. This former Correctional Officer (yup! she worked in jails!) and Corporate Dispute Resolution Expert now travels the world teaching the principles of collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship. She has owned three businesses over the past 23 years and has started 3 non-profit organizations as well.

As a bestselling author (of 5 books and featured in 6 others) and CSP™ Certified Speaking Professional, she has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her speaking and book projects/events/tours including her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, and even her pet food and dog poop bags!

She has developed sponsorship relationships with more than 40 sponsors and 60 business partners.

Her recent speaking and book tour, Million Acts of Kindness, involved a 14 000 km tour in a 32-foot sponsored motorhome, hotels sponsored for the team, and more than 40 businesses and retail chains raising funds in their stores/businesses to support the Million Acts of Kindness movement. She has helped her clients secure cash sponsorship along with in-kind sponsorship support such as clothes, travel, event needs, and more through the power of relationships and collaboration.

Today, Charmaine will teach you how to find corporate sponsors to fuel your business and raise your dream!

Event Details:

Your full-day sponsorship training includes lunch and refreshments.

ATB Entrepreneur Centre,
Edmonton, AB
Friday, March 1st, 2019, 
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

To prepare for the event and connect with other attendees, you'll be invited to a "Get Ready" pre-event group call, scheduled for February 13th, 2019 (will be recorded). 

ATB Entrepreneur Centre
ATB Entrepreneur Centre Edmonton #ECYEG

Why this Sponsorship Intensive is Essential for You to Attend

Collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship are untapped revenue sources for speakers, entrepreneurs, and coaches. Charmaine always says, "It takes a team to raise a dream" and "Teamwork makes the dream work".

Building a business is not a solo act. Learning to effectively collaborate, partner with others, build the right team, and secure sponsorship (in-kind and cash) will fast track success and results and make a bigger difference in the world.


Leave feeling more clarity and less confusion about what the right steps and actions are for your particular situation and the partners you may already have. Don't waste time figuring out how to find sponsors on your own.

Know Your Value

Beginning any relationship is fraught with potential wrong turns. Understanding how to draw out and track what sponsors will find valuable in you and your project is a process, which you'll be guided through.

Valuable Tools

Receive the real-world tools -- trackers, guides, scripts, and more -- that Raise a Dream uses for their sponsorship process. These done-for-you tools will take you to the next level. Quickly.

Worth Your time

Charmaine is a no-fluff, action-oriented, and rich-content speaker who shares her wisdom and unmatched expertise to help participants reach their goals faster (while bypassing painful mistakes).

Build Relationships & Connect

​Meet amazing individuals who are wanting to connect and grow in a tight-knit group. ​​Enjoy the benefits of masterminding ideas with fellow attendees.

Maintain and nurture even more relationships in our private Insiders' Facebook group.

Build sponsorship relationships and connections

How To Get A One-Time Deep Discount on Additional Tickets for Your Team or Colleagues

Bringing a friend, team member(s), or partner/family can help you put all your sponsorship learning into action faster.

With multiple brains at work, you have greater opportunities for inspiration on potential collaborations, important detail tracking, and varied perspectives, which brings MORE to your dream or project.

Also, when you have someone else learning with you, plans can easily be divided or delegated so that you can focus on the tasks that most need your attention and best suit your skill set.

And it is just way more fun!

Once you register your ticket, you'll have a one-time opportunity to add additional tickets at over 65% off.

Event Bonuses:

The Big Dream Primer Online Program
The Proven Method for Partnering with Sponsors

The Big Dream Primer  ​Online Program ​The Proven Method for Partnering with Sponsors

This 7-part online training is filled with content, expertise, actionable strategies, and tools you can start using right away.

Each module includes a training video (Mp4) and audio (Mp3), action steps, and downloads to put your plan into action.

  1. Big Dream Primer: Getting Started --- What is Sponsorship
  2. Knowing Your Value to Sponsors --- Untapped sponsorship potential: Why would anyone want to sponsor me?
  3. Boosting Influence --- Influencing prospects: Be happy, be grateful, be social
  4. Identifying Sponsors --- Sponsorship inventory: The possibilities are endless
  5. Staying on Track --- Tools, systems, and sanity: Let’s get techy (just for a minute)
  6. Researching Sponsors --- Sponsorship research: Do your homework! (Get organized and get informed)
  7. Building Relationships --- Authentic relationship building: Making friends before making deals

​Value: $​249.00

Sponsorship Essentials
​Learn the 7 Essential Steps to Funding Your Dream Projects with Sponsorship

Sponsorship Essentials: Learn the 7 Essential Steps to Funding Your Dream Projects with Sponsorship

​This 45-minute video training provides you with the 7-step model that Raise a Dream co-founders, Charmaine Hammond and Rebecca Kirstein use successfully every day in their work. ​

You'll learn how a positive and collaborative mindset can help you achieve the needs of your project.

  • ​Research Essentials: Successful sponsor relationships start by getting to know the right details about a potential partner or brand. You'll learn what details to have in place before you connect with sponsors.
  • Discovery Call Essentials: ​The most intimidating step for many people is the first call with a potential sponsor. Learn how to ask the right questions and handle the call with confidence.
  • Follow-Up Essentials: ​There are crucial steps to take to ensure both you and your sponsorship partner derive valuable return on investment. Learn what the steps are and when to take them.

​Value: $​37.00

​I just attended the Sponsorship Intensive ​in Victoria. I had doubts going into it as I wasn't really sure about how this would help my business and my speaking.

​I have to say, Charmaine and Rebecca totally delivered a powerful workshop on this untapped resource. Their passion for serving their customer, clients, and community definitely shone brightly.

​I took away that there are many businesses and organizations out there waiting to support me. Also, I am never alone in business when I have these girls on my side.

There's a system and it works when I work it.

Reach out to these girls and get your butt in their program. Your business and dream deserve it.

John Westhaver | Sponsorship Intensive Masterclass

John Westhaver

Survivor / Speaker / Coach

Charmaine ​offered a value-packed, content-rich workshop on sponsorships that many of our speakers were not only inspired by but took action on immediately. As President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Calgary), I would highly recommend other chapters take advantage of Charmaine’s expertise in this area.

This is definitely a workshop that any speaker, author, meeting or conference planner, or entrepreneur would benefit from.

Tina Varughese - Cross-Cultural Communication Expert, Work-Life Balance Advocate

​Tina Varughese

​Cross-Cultural Communication Expert, Work-Life Balance Advocate

​Charmaine has a depth of knowledge and experience that she readily shares with others. She is articulate, gracious, and generous with her ideas and resources. Thoroughly enjoyed learning about the art of sponsorship.

Freddi Dogterom, CCDP, PRP, RRC, AS - Accredited Speaker

Freddi Dogterom

Accredited Speaker

100% SATISFACTION Guarantee

satisfaction guarantee

We stand behind our products, programs, and events. If you’re not completely satisfied with this Raise a Dream Event and don't see the incredible value of our sponsorship strategies, let us know before the end of the Event and we’ll arrange to make it right through a consultation. Please check the order form for cancellation terms and full details.

Raise a Dream
Sponsorship Intensive Masterclass
Full-Day Training

ATB Entrepreneur Centre,
Edmonton, AB

​Your Registration Includes:

  • A full-day masterclass with Charmaine where you will come away recognizing the value you offer to potential partners and knowing what steps to take next to optimize the relationships you may already have 
  • A pre-event group call (will be recorded)
  • The Big Dream Primer  7-week online program, ​including the templates, systems, and tools that Charmaine, Rebecca  and their team use at Raise a Dream
  • A bonus Sponsorship Essentials  45-minute training module with everything you need to know BEFORE the masterclass to make the most of your experience
  • Access to the private Insiders' ​Facebook ​group where you'll receive ongoing support long after the event
  • Guest appearances from sponsors and experts via Zoom
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Plus, once you secure your seat, you'll have access to deep discounts on additional tickets for your team or colleagues

We make it easy for you to attend by financing your registration with no interest and no credit check. 
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​Registrations for our most recent event have closed. Subscribe to receive updates for our next ​Edmonton event!

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