Sponsorship Mentoring

It's tough to raise a dream by yourself. Of course, you can launch your project on your own through trial and error, and that's a great learning experience. But with sponsorship, sometimes there are no second chances if you make the wrong impression with a key corporate brand.

If you want to learn how to get sponsored from a leading entrepreneur in the sponsorship industry, this is your chance to tap into the unparalleled experience and guidance of Charmaine Hammond.


Hop on a sponsorship strategy call with Charmaine Hammond and get a clear path to your next best actions.




  • Receive our Sponsorship Essentials 45-minute training video teaching you the fundamentals of our 7-step sponsorship model so that you come to the call prepared.
  • Attend a 60-minute online strategy call with Charmaine Hammond (date and time to be arranged once you've watched Sponsorship Essentials) where you can "pick her brain" on any subject related to sponsorship, speaking, or collaboration.
  • Download a recording of the call so you can review any time.
  • Move forward confidently with suggested resources and action steps you'll receive by email following the call.
  • Access our private Facebook Insiders group where you'll continue to receive valuable support, resources, and connections. 

payment plan available


Have Charmaine Hammond take a “deep dive” with you and your business to support you with sponsorship, branding, and more (spots are limited).



/mo (3 months)

  • Receive everything included in the Power Hour 3-Pack package PLUS...
  • With mentoring, you'll receive three to four 60-minute calls per month over 3 months (12 - 16 calls in total) with Charmaine (dates and times to be arranged once you've watched Sponsorship Essentials). All calls will be recorded and you'll receive follow-up support and nudges when you need them. At the mentoring level, you can invite your colleagues and team members to the calls.
  • Extend your circle of influence and connections through our network as needed (e.g. connections to media and speaking opportunities, recommended contractors and service providers, introductions to potential clients and strategic partnerships).
  • Receive intense personal support between calls, including reviews and feedback on the actions and documents you’re working on (e.g. sponsorship website copy, social media channel reviews, sponsor information docs, press releases, letters to sponsors, etc.).
  • Access effective sample copy and documents to use towards creation of your own sponsorship documents and needs.
  • Access a shared Google Drive where we upload resources and tracking documents so that we can review your updates and progress.  

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

Run to this -- Don't walk -- it will help you no matter what you do.

Rebecca is amazing! She's friendly, willing to share her knowledge, works well with people and makes you feel like you're her best friend.

Working with Rebecca allowed me to gain insight into sponsorship. The workshop she does with Charmaine Hammond is(...)

Charmaine offered powerful, actionable suggestions

Charmaine brought so much enthusiasm to our first discussion and call and helped me believe even more strongly in my launch event and book tour. Charmaine offered powerful, actionable suggestions for me to create the most success for my launch event! I highly(...)

Charmaine Hammond is the guide you need!

Sponsorship and fundraising has changed significantly over the past few years -- what used to work is now almost a guaranteed recipe for failure. But with all the opportunities available through sponsorship, how does one ensure that they do it right? The answer(...)

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Bo Jurcevic
Financial Engineer, Business Strategist & Entrepreneur
The best investment I've ever made.

I had an amazing session with Charmaine! Valuable information I can implement right away.

Thank you soooo much for the additional information and support provided following the event as well, wow! You are an amazing team, the best investment I've ever made.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Charmaine gives so much value

When Charmaine Hammond talks about sponsorship, you realize the depth of her knowledge on the subject. She provides practical tips about understanding sponsors’ needs and building relationships. In a 1-1 call, Charmaine gives so much value through the insights(...)

Charmaine's strategies worked beautifully

I used several of Charmaine's strategies on building partnerships and raising funds for my Guinness World Records™ campaign and they worked beautifully. I was not only able to fund the campaign and set a world record, but also empower many children to think(...)

A BIG shoutout to Charmaine Hammond, sponsorship guru

A reminder to ASK for what you want/need. And a BIG shoutout to Charmaine Hammond, sponsorship guru, for showing how to creatively use sponsorship.

I’m holding my first public event on Saturday for which I need all kinds of things from pens to food to sound(...)

I’m thrilled to have found Charmaine as a mentor

One short strategy call with Charmaine sparked one long list of ideas, options, and insights that I could easily and quickly implement in my business. She has a unique gift of seeing opportunities and connections that enhances the success of her clients.(...)

It was one simple conversation

As a bestselling author and expert book publisher, I always search out best practices, tactics, and tools so that authors I work with can gain exposure and make money with their books. As I listened to the brilliance of Charmaine explaining how sponsorships(...)

Reach out to these girls and get your butt in their program

I just attended the Sponsorship Intensive workshop in Victoria. I had doubts going into it as I wasn't really sure about how this would help my business and my speaking.

I have to say, Charmaine and Rebecca totally delivered a powerful workshop on this(...)

Working with the Raise A Dream team is a wonderful experience

Working with the Raise A Dream team is a wonderful experience. From the moment I signed up, I knew I was in very good hands. My business has become more focused, and I am working on a project that I never thought would come to fruition.

Learning about(...)

Alexandra Van Tol
Alexandra Van Tol
Rebecca's ability to connect with people and inspire new ways of thinking is tremendous

Rebecca Kirstein is one of the most dynamic, collaborative and forward-thinking leaders I've ever met. Her ability to connect with people and inspire new ways of thinking is tremendous, and helps power both her and the people she knows toward their goals.(...)

I trust Charmaine

Wow! One hour on the strategy call with Charmaine netted potential sponsorships with companies I love. There was never pressure to sign up to a longer program, but after soooo much value I can't wait to learn more. I trust Charmaine.

Rebecca's advice and introductions have been invaluable to the growth of my business

I have had the privilege to work with Rebecca in several different capacities. Rebecca is a talented photographer, inspiring entrepreneur, and a person of ACTION! She doesn’t just talk about business, project and event ideas – she actually makes them happen.(...)

Dr. Elaine Leung
Dr. Elaine Leung
Charmaine literally blew my mind

Doing a strategy call with Charmaine literally blew my mind with all the potential ways I could maximize relationships with corporate sponsors.

Charmaine is very caring, enthusiastic, creative, and incredibly resourceful. She gave me phenomenal advice on how(...)

Insightful, clear, dedicated, and a true leader are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing Rebecca Kirstein

Insightful, clear, dedicated, and a true leader are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing Rebecca Kirstein. I teach leaders how to work with and follow through on their intuitive hits, and it's clear she listens -- and listens well -- to her(...)

Charmaine Hammond is a tour de force

Charmaine Hammond is a tour de force in the world of sponsorships and business practices. She is a walking, talking example of integrity and professionalism, wrapped in a thick coating of collaborative mentality. She is also smart as hell!

I am so pleased to(...)

Darcy Davis-Beghein
Darcy Davis-Beghein
Charmaine is truly gifted in the area of sponsorship!

Charmaine Hammond is a heart-centered businesswoman who seamlessly thinks outside the box and captures ideas from the realm of possibilities.

In an amazing strategy session, Charmaine offered her expertise in a way that ignited my enthusiasm for finding more(...)

The program is phenomenal

It has been such a pleasure learning from Rebecca and being a participant in the Raise a Dream program! The program is phenomenal - I learned so much about sponsorships and Rebecca was so much fun to work with. She certainly knows her stuff and and organizes(...)

Charmaine is a master

Charmaine is a master at teaching others how to leverage relationships and momentum by gaining sponsorships for your business. Not only have I seen her powerfully present at the Global Influence Summit in 2016 and 2017 where she delivered a thought-provoking,(...)

Rebecca Kirstein is a powerhouse

Rebecca Kirstein is a powerhouse. Professional, progressive, proactive are a few of the words that come to mind, to describe this multi-talented entrepreneur. She is the quintessential entrepreneur, full of ideas, wisdom and enthusiasm, but with the power of(...)

Charmaine is a treasure chest full of ideas

My new project is being fueled with what I’m learning from Charmaine. She is a treasure chest full of ideas and generous with them too. Our two minds snap, crackle, and pop when we talk. So much so that I’ve hired her as my mentor/coach. I want MORE of what she(...)

Charmaine Hammond is a gem!

Charmaine Hammond is a gem! Her savvy insights into building relationships, finding sponsors, and developing collaborations have been immensely helpful to me. I’d highly recommend Charmaine to grow your business!

I landed my first big sponsor within weeks

Learning about the true value of collaborative sponsorship from the Raise a Dream Team was invaluable to me in the growth of my business. I took away actionable strategies and tools and landed my first big sponsor within weeks of taking the program!

Charmaine is an expert in the field of collaboration and corporate sponsorship

Charmaine is an expert in the field of collaboration and corporate sponsorship. Because of her in-depth knowledge, effective strategies, and passion, I had the tools I needed to find sponsors for my trip across Canada for my book, 150 Canadian Stories.