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1 ou Were Nominated for an Award... Now What?

You Were Nominated for an Award… Now What?

ou Were Nominated for an Award... Now What?

This blog is about awards and some tips to help you leverage awards and nominations.

You may have been nominated for an award and received the "Congratulations! You have been nominated!" message. If you have, here are some valuable tips to help you leverage being nominated or winning awards.

Being nominated for an award is an important milestone and success for you, your business or organization, your project, your team, and the organization hosting the awards. 

Celebrations connect people and now more than ever celebrating and connecting is important to make a positive impact in our world.  

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5 Reasons More Businesses Are Saying YES to Sponsorship

5 Reasons More Businesses Are Saying YES to Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an untapped revenue source for many entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors. Corporate sponsorship dollars can help you take your big idea and vision to a global brand or a movement.


Sponsorship is a marketing relationship. You are helping the sponsor as they help you! Doesn’t this feel exciting (and more doable)?

And here’s more good news.

Sponsorship spending is on the rise… and reports indicate that sponsors are seeking new opportunities to fund and support projects through collaboration and sponsorship. This is good news for you and other dream raisers.

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Google Alerts: Who’s Talking About Your Brand?

Google Alerts

​I​f you aren't using Google Alerts to find out who’s talking about you, your brand, or your dream sponsors, it’s time to start today! Are you using Google Alerts to…

  • See where you are appearing in the online world?
  • Find out about speaking opportunities?
  • See where your book(s) are being mentioned?

We use this tool daily to find out about media and speaking opportunities, find reviews on our books, and locate where we are being quoted or appearing on blogger or media sites.

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