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ou Were Nominated for an Award... Now What?

You Were Nominated for an Award… Now What?

ou Were Nominated for an Award... Now What?

This blog is about awards and some tips to help you leverage awards and nominations.

You may have been nominated for an award and received the "Congratulations! You have been nominated!" message. If you have, here are some valuable tips to help you leverage being nominated or winning awards.

Being nominated for an award is an important milestone and success for you, your business or organization, your project, your team, and the organization hosting the awards. 

Celebrations connect people and now more than ever celebrating and connecting is important to make a positive impact in our world.  

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10 Tips on How Collaborating with Your University Alumni Can Help Raise Dreams

10 Tips on How Collaborating With Your University Alumni Can Help Raise Dreams

Recently, Charmaine had the opportunity to speak at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention (CAPS) in Ottawa. Many speakers attended her session on Planning a Speaking and Book Tour.  

One of the marketing tips she provided was ensuring that your college or university alumni is engaged in your project. Alumni associations love to hear and share the good news of their members and graduates (no matter how long ago it was). They all have a big database, a large social media following, newsletters, events, and magazines or publications. 

Charmaine has been featured in all her Alumni magazines (Sheridan College, Royal Roads University, University of Waterloo, and Renison College). Two of these Alumni nominated her for prestigious awards, one of which she was honoured with several years ago (Alumni of the year).

They have also hosted events for Charmaine and have attended conferences where she is speaking. She has had numerous updates and full-page features in their magazines and newsletters over the years.‚Äč

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