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Are You Setting Yourself Up for a Sponsorship NO? (Part 2)


There’s a right way and a wrong way to build relationships with sponsors so that you can find funding and support for your dream project.

Creating sponsorship marketing relationships is often a new, unexplored avenue for speakers, authors, event hosts, and entrepreneurs, so it’s no surprise that in this unknown territory, costly mistakes are made.

When mistakes happen, unfortunately the answer is often a NO from sponsors.

Knowing how to avoid such mistakes is crucial, so we've created a 3-part sponsorship educational series addressing 3 easy-to-avoid mistakes (and their solutions).

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Are You Setting Yourself Up for a Sponsorship NO? (Part 1)


If having sponsors, getting your project funded through sponsorship support, and building marketing relationships with businesses is on your priority list (which it should be), it’s important to know what causes sponsors to decline potential marketing relationships.

At Raise a Dream, we have interviewed a number of brands and sponsors to explore what helps them (and also what hurts the people seeking sponsorship). Through these valuable conversations, we were able to boil the insightful feedback of sponsorship decision-makers into the 3 common reasons sponsors often say NO.

Every day, we see speakers, authors, event hosts, and entrepreneurs making costly mistakes that will cause sponsors to say NO to their (and potentially your) amazing offerings. Knowing how to avoid these mistakes is such an important topic, we have turned this into a 3-part sponsorship educational series so that each mistake (and its solutions) gets the attention it deserves.

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5 Reasons More Businesses Are Saying YES to Sponsorship

5 Reasons More Businesses Are Saying YES to Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an untapped revenue source for many entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors. Corporate sponsorship dollars can help you take your big idea and vision to a global brand or a movement.


Sponsorship is a marketing relationship. You are helping the sponsor as they help you! Doesn’t this feel exciting (and more doable)?

And here’s more good news.

Sponsorship spending is on the rise… and reports indicate that sponsors are seeking new opportunities to fund and support projects through collaboration and sponsorship. This is good news for you and other dream raisers.

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Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Writing a book is a dream for so many people; however, the majority of people do not raise that dream.

If you have, congratulations!

How many books do you think the average author sells?

It always saddens me when I hear the statistics on book sales for authors. Publishers Weekly recently stated that the average author will sell 3,000 books in a lifetime, and in their first year, that is only about 250-300 books!  YIKES!

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2 20-Ways-to-Say-Thank-You-to-Sponsors-Who-Support-Your-Project-Launch-or-Event

20 Ways to Thank Sponsors Who Support Your Project, Launch, or Event


Thank you is one of the important steps in our Raise a Dream 7-step model (you can download the model, which is included in the free ebook on our home page).

Recognizing the support of your sponsors and their contribution and involvement in your big dream, project, event, etc. is not an obligation; it’s an opportunity when done the right way.

And saying “thank you” doesn't just happen after something is complete. You can recognize your sponsor in many ways, at many points of time throughout your project.

Below, you’ll find a valuable list of over 20 ideas for thanking sponsors that I shared on a recent Raise a Dream Facebook Live (you can watch here).

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Meeting and Collaborating Online: Tools and Success Tips

Meeting and Collaborating Online: Tools and Success Tips

Meeting and Collaborating Online: Tools and Success Tips

Technology makes it possible to create a presence wherever you are in the world. For sponsors and brands, this potential is very exciting.

Virtual meetings have the capacity to connect with both existing and new audiences through many platforms. The possibilities for collaborating online with partners is only limited by your imagination.

There are several platforms our Dream Team at Raise a Dream love. Start using these tools to reach out and make new sponsorship connections and make your next virtual meeting a success!

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Communication Tools to Help You Raise Your Dream

Communication Tools to Help You Raise Your Dream

Communication Tools to Help You Raise Your Dream

There are so many online communication tools and platforms available to help your business and project run smoothly.

The more clarity, ease, and consistency you bring to your communication, the more likely you are to get a YES to any proposed collaboration.

We are all about simplicity and ease, so we’d like to share a few of our favourite communication resources.

Below you’ll find ideas and software that can help you on your path to both connect with and… importantly... follow-up with potential partners and sponsors.

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Emcees Gone Wild: It’s Not About YOU!


~ By Charmaine Hammond, CSP, MA, BA

As a speaker, I often get the opportunity to meet many amazing emcees who masterfully create powerful connections between the audience and the speaker they are about to hear. 

I’ve seen exceptional emcees create meaningful energy for the room, who model how to show up (they set the expectations for the audience by showing how to “be” at the event), and who honour the event host.

Unfortunately, I meet just as many emcees who make the event about them.

The role of an emcee is an important one. The host is counting on you to do a number of things that will  keep the event on track and ensure long lasting and successful event results. Their desire is to create a positive experience for the audience that will forge a bond of trust, inspire them to attend again, and generate good gossip or chatter about that event for a long time to come.  

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Talking to sponsors at events

Talking To Sponsors at Events: Well Worth Every Second


​We see so many entrepreneurs miss important opportunities, and it makes us want to scream, “Slow down! This could be the opportunity that makes the difference!”  

How many times have you attended a conference, trade show, or community event and either completely avoided the trade show/exhibit area or just visited the booths that totally excite you?

Ever walk around wanting to blend in with the audience so you don’t get “sold to”?

We totally get it. We’ve felt like that too. However, many successes that resulted from visiting the trade show, booth by booth, proved to us this was well worth the investment of time (and sometimes a bit of discomfort).

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1 Making_friends_with_company_gatekeepers

Making Friends With Company “Gatekeepers”


​Getting past the gatekeepers within companies, brands, and organizations to connect with decision makers can sometimes be the most difficult challenge in building relationships with potential strategic partners and sponsors.

How can you overcome this challenge that sometimes feels impossible?

It’s actually pretty simple.

Make friends with the gatekeepers.  

If gatekeepers feel comfortable with you, and “like” you, they are more likely to connect you with the person you need to know.

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