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When you have too many tabs open in your brain, use these 4 ideas for managing overwhelm and avoiding idea burnout.

Managing Overwhelm and Idea Burnout

Managing Overwhelm and Idea Burnout

Have you ever been working away on your computer, engrossed in tasks, working in your joy, ideas flowing like an erupting volcano... and then your computer crashes. No warning. No time to save. Just shuts down. As you investigate further (and recover your 27 on-the-go Word documents) and open the army of tabs that closed, you discover your computer crashed because there were just too many tabs open. Too much to process. <ERROR: Managing overwhelm function—denied!>

I have discovered that as humans we sometimes experience this same trouble. It's like our brain has too many tabs open. Too many ideas being worked on at one time. This situation happens a lot for dream raisers, creators and innovators.

So how do you avoid the crash (and burnout) just like the computer?

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