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1 The 5 Questions to Answer to Make Your Speaking (or Book) Tour Profitable

The 5 Questions to Answer to Make Your Speaking (or Book) Tour Profitable

The 5 Questions to Answer to Make Your Speaking (or Book) Tour Profitable

So many people plan a speaking or book tour (or large event) without enough time to properly plan, secure partnerships/sponsorship and collaboration partners, or to maximize time and minimize workload.

Believe us, we’ve made those mistakes too… BIG DREAMS need a team and the time to raise them for success.

This blog provides you with a few critical questions to make your next speaking tour, book launch, or large event profitable, less stressful, and more fun!
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Emcees Gone Wild: It’s Not About YOU!


~ By Charmaine Hammond, CSP, MA, BA

As a speaker, I often get the opportunity to meet many amazing emcees who masterfully create powerful connections between the audience and the speaker they are about to hear. 

I’ve seen exceptional emcees create meaningful energy for the room, who model how to show up (they set the expectations for the audience by showing how to “be” at the event), and who honour the event host.

Unfortunately, I meet just as many emcees who make the event about them.

The role of an emcee is an important one. The host is counting on you to do a number of things that will  keep the event on track and ensure long lasting and successful event results. Their desire is to create a positive experience for the audience that will forge a bond of trust, inspire them to attend again, and generate good gossip or chatter about that event for a long time to come.  

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Raise a Dream - 5_MUSTS_When_Planning_a_Speaking_and_Book_Tour

5 MUSTS When Planning a Speaking and Book Tour

Raise a Dream - 5_MUSTS_When_Planning_a_Speaking_and_Book_Tour

​You have a great idea… to take your speaking and books/products on the road!

A tour.

The questions that quickly arise are:

  • Where do I start?
  • What will the route be?
  • How do I fund this tour?
  • What about sponsors… can I get sponsorship?
  • How will I market this tour?
  • How long will I need to plan this?

And the questions go on… and on… and on.

One that you ​MUST answer is...

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