The 5 Questions to Answer to Make Your Speaking (or Book) Tour Profitable

The 5 Questions to Answer to Make Your Speaking (or Book) Tour Profitable

So many people plan a speaking or book tour (or large event) without enough time to properly plan, secure partnerships/sponsorship and collaboration partners, or to maximize time and minimize workload.

Believe us, we’ve made those mistakes too… BIG DREAMS need a team and the time to raise them for success.

This blog provides you with a few critical questions to make your next speaking tour, book launch, or large event profitable, less stressful, and more fun!


Essential ​Speaking and Book Tour Planning Questions






WHO is the primary target audience?

WHAT is the purpose of the tour/the overarching goals?

WHERE will your tour start and finish?

WHEN will you start and finish?

What is the BIG WHY of the tour?

WHO is going on the tour?

WHAT is your key message of tour?

WHERE will the tour stops be?

WHEN will you start planning?

​WHY will others be excited about this dream (e.g. sponsors, partners, and champions)?

​WHO will your city stop champions be?

WHAT branding will you use?

​WHERE will you be staying while you travel (e.g. hotel, the homes of your local champions, RV, etc.)?

​WHEN will you start approaching champions in each stop?

WHO do you want to connect with along the route?

WHAT is the specific hashtag you will use?

​WHERE does your audience gather?

​WHO are you connected to at each stop (think groups, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)?  

WHAT is the purpose of each individual tour stop?

​WHERE will you be doing events (community, organizations, workplaces, media, etc.)?

​WHAT metrics will you be tracking (and how)?



HOW many stops will you make?

HOW will the tour be funded?

HOW many speaking opportunities do you want to secure (paid vs marketing speaking)?

HOW many books do you want to sell? Donate? Give away?

HOW will you integrate sponsors along the way?

​HOW will you measure success?

One of the learnings Charmaine had was that her tours, such as her Million Acts of Kindness tour, had 3 target audiences. The primary audience, secondary audience, and third audience.  

Speaking and Book Tour - Amount of Focus for Target Audiences

As you plan your tour or events, ensure that you address these questions related to your primary and secondary audiences (and a third if you have one). Keep focused on the primary and secondary audience as you answer every question and move forward on every step of the planning. Be able to clearly describe these audiences and demographics (as sponsors will want to know this).  

The more FOCUS you have, the easier it is to plan, create systems, and build more profit and impact into your movement.

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