The Power of Community for Authors

The Power of Community for Authors

Authors and aspiring authors… The best way to launch a book, market and sell your book and create a bigger impact with your message is through the power of community. 

So many authors try to market and launch their books on their own and then are disappointed with the results.  There is an easy fix and workaround for this…engage community and champions. 

Interview with Gail Watson (WSA Publishing)

I recently had the opportunity to interview Gail Watson of the Women Speakers Association and WSA Publishing… and WOW! She shared some golden knowledge nuggets.


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Gail talked a lot about the power of community for authors and shared some examples of how authors launched with the support of their community to get their book into hands of readers around the world. 

She also explained what a collaborative book is, the process, the benefits of being involved and how the community works with collaborative books.  

Gail and I used the Voices of the 21st Century as a case study as I’ve now shared stories in four of these incredible books. The power of 50 authors all talking about, sharing updates on social media and amplifying each other’s posts was incredible. 

For the first-time authors in the book, an added benefit was the way this collaboration helped them build and expand their author platform and social footprint. Through community, they grew their social media pages and the number of people following them on their platforms. 

The Power of Community for Authors Can Also Help You:

  • Build, grow, expand and amplify your author brand. 
  • Reach more people. 
  • Have your book featured in communities you might never travel or visit. 
  • And so much more. 

Gail also talked about the process and steps to become a contributing author in the next Voices of the 21st Century book. 

Check out the recording to be inspired, get powerful tips and hear stories that will help you engage community in your author promotions. 

Daily steps in support of your message helps you build a community of champions!

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