Trends and Changes in Sponsorship That Are Helping Speakers

Trends and Changes in Sponsorship That Are Helping Speakers

Sponsorship is one way that speakers and keynote presenters can grow their speaking business and revenue.

Sponsorship is not a gift or a handout; rather, a company provides sponsorship for specific return on investment (ROI). Because of this marketing relationship, speakers can helps sponsors highlight their brand, market their business to the audience in front of the speaker, and more.

Some exciting new trends and changes in the sponsorship world are emerging that speakers should be aware of.

There are many reports stating that brands are moving more into sponsorship and replacing traditional philanthropy budgets with sponsorship budgets.


Why is this ​good news ​?

Many philanthropic budgets only apply to nonprofits and charity; however, sponsorship typically comes from a company’s marketing budget, which allows much more flexibility and ability to partner with for-profit businesses and projects. As well, reports are indicating that in North America, the sponsorship spend for cause marketing is on the rise.

So how does this affect speakers? Many speakers have turned their message into a movement, challenge, or cause. Such speakers are well positioned to tap into sponsorship budgets with brands that are a fit for their message.

Another trend affecting sponsorship spending is the added pressure to demonstrate the ROI from sponsorship. The great news is that with the digital revolution, much of the desired tracking and reporting can be done in real time through social media analytics. Speakers who cultivate a social media following can provide attractive metrics to potential sponsors. Speaking at events also creates opportunities for photos and videos that help show sponsors the ROI.

Sponsorship helps bands to standout from the crowd and from their competitors. As a speaker, you can work with sponsors to help them find ways to stand out. For example, can you include information or stories about them in your presentation, slide graphics, or handout packages? Be creative and remember sponsors do this all the time. Ask them for their ideas and needs and don’t assume.

Watch for our upcoming blogs that will share more information on trends and developments and how you can use these to raise your dreams.

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