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Turn Collaborations Into Cash!

SPEAKERS: Attract the right partners and sponsors to grow your business and make more money


Charmaine Hammond | Raise a Dream

Charmaine Hammond, CSP

Raise a Dream

Rebecca Kirstein | Raise a Dream

Rebecca Kirstein

Raise a Dream

SPEAKERS: Get help finding more paid speaking opportunities and filling your calendar through collaboration.

You will learn:

  • 1
    How collaboration can help fill your speaking calendar 
  • 2
    Collaboration mistakes to avoid so you stand out as a speaker
  • 3
    Ways to leverage relationships you already have
  • 4
    Collaborative strategies to turn no-fee speaking into full-fee speaking
  • 5
    The steps to have your feedback form generate multiple speaking opportunities after the event is over
Turn Collaborations Into Cash

This 1-hour video is packed with helpful tips for speakers. 

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Charmaine Hammond | Raise a Dream | Collaboration Partnership Sponsorship

Charmaine Hammond, CSP, has been in the business of changing lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years through teaching the principles of collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (currently, she is one of the 12% of speakers world wide who hold this designation), bestselling author, and professional speaker, Charmaine has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, even her pet food and dog poop bags!

Through experiences like her speaking and book tour, Million Acts of Kindness, she has developed sponsorship relationships with hundreds of companies.

Serial entrepreneur, Rebecca Kirstein, is a speaker, educator, idea generator, team builder, collaborator, and connector — a conduit to the best knowledge and sponsorship resources for entrepreneurs.

She helps business owners navigate the challenges and pitfalls of meeting their project goals — whether that means establishing a venture, developing hidden potential, taking business to the next level, securing sponsorship, or generating support for an idea — so they can move toward real success for themselves and their communities.

Rebecca is a collaboration concierge who can direct you to the experts who will help your business thrive.

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