Wins & Celebrations: Lorna Blake, Candace Plattor & Christine Powers

Wins & Celebrations: Lorna Blake, Candace Plattor & Christine Powers

Inspiration seeds more inspiration. Have you found that when you learn about people bringing their projects to life, it often inspires you to step into action on your goals and projects? We are excited in this blog (and future articles) to present a client spotlight featuring some of our many Raise a Dream community and client wins. 

We asked clients from our community to share one or a combination of:

  • A win or something they are celebrating

  • Their favourite tip or action strategy from one of our trainings (and how it impacted their results)

Take a read. See the many ways that bringing projects to life can make a difference and, when you combine these wins, look at the many lives touched and impacted.


Lorna Blake

~ Lorna Blake
Chief Empowerment Officer, Empower Yourself Consulting

About Lorna:

Lorna Blake, CEO of Empower Yourself Consulting, is an international motivational speaker, success coach and author. Her passion for travel and facilitating transformation for others has led her to almost 20 countries. She has lived & worked in five different countries where she has taught, coached and inspired thousands from many cultures and walks of life.  

Her personal story of confronting the truth of her paternity was featured in a film/documentary which played in select theaters. Lorna’s recently published book, Born to Rise, chronicles her early life and lessons learned from overcoming abandonment, abuse and poverty to live her best life.

Lorna’s Win / Celebration / Favourite Tip:

One tip that was incredibly valuable was "Use the Power of Community to help you build momentum... It's hard to build all by yourself."

I had known that but somehow forgot...

Attending the Profitable Speaking Tour Masterclass helped me reconnect with my amazing speaker / author friend with whom I had previously collaborated on speaking events and even a women's retreat. We are now in the process of planning out a “Best Version Of You & Me 2023 Women's Retreat”, which feels easy, joyful and fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Lorna Blake
Chief Empowerment Officer, Empower Yourself Consulting

Connect with Lorna:

Candace Plattor

~ Candace Plattor
Family Addiction Therapist, Speaker & Author

About Candace:

I am the CEO of Love With Boundaries as well as the main Family Addictions Therapist. For the past 30+ years, we have been working with families that are struggling with addiction, receiving wonderful results.

At Love With Boundaries, we have a strong message about addiction - we are not powerless over it and we don’t have to relapse. This is because staying in active addiction or going into active recovery of some sort is a CHOICE that all addicted people make, every minute of every day. In the same way, the people who love addicts are making a similar choice – “Will I continue to ENABLE my addict to remain in addiction by making it too comfortable for them, or will I learn how to actually HELP them to come out of addiction and lead better lives?”

Candace’s Win / Celebration / Favourite Tip:

It’s been an exciting few months for my Love With Boundaries team and myself, with lots of wins and new endeavors to share. Launching our new website was quite an undertaking and I love our new look! Check it out here! Also, my company was nominated for two awards in British Columbia, and I was so pleased with the outpouring of support – my thanks to everyone who voted for us!  

Although I’m already an award-winning author of two books, in February of 2023 I became an international bestselling author for the first time, for the amazing anthology Voices of the 21st Century: Women  Transforming the World. My chapter is entitled “Ready Or Not - Here I Come”. It’s such a delight to be in this book with other Raise a Dream members including Charmaine. We are looking forward to the book signings and speaking events that my team is currently putting together. We will proudly be partnering with the Vancouver Crisis Centre at these events, which provides outstanding, compassionate support to people in their time of need.

One of the other goals we had set was securing more exposure in the media and to further advance my speaking appearances and engagements. I am currently securing more mainstream media, building relationships with media (journalists and hosts) and using press releases and media outreach as a more systematic approach for Love With Boundaries to become more well-known for helping families being torn apart by the ravages of addiction.

~ Candace Plattor
Family Addiction Therapist, Speaker & Author

Connect with Candace:

Christine Powers

~ Christine Powers 
CEO, Asa Adirondack and the Adirondack Labyrinth and

About Christine:

Christine is the CEO of Asa Adirondack: Sanctuary for your Soul, a boutique retreat center nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. She is a spiritual advisor and mentor for founders, CEOs, thought leaders, and change-makers. With over three decades of experience in marketing, design branding, PR, and fundraising, combined with her deep knowledge of mystical traditions and professional operatic training,

Christine brings a unique blend of expertise to her work. She is ordained as a minister and serves as a compassionate death doula, guiding clients on profound journeys of healing and self-discovery. Known for sublime, eclectic, and transformative programs and retreats, Christine empowers individuals to embrace their innate wonder and wisdom, embody profound presence, and find fulfillment through service to others.

Christine’s Win / Celebration / Favourite Tip:

In our complex and turbulent world, many seek solace and a way to impact our communities positively. We yearn for havens where politics, identities, and issues can be set aside, allowing us to find restoration and inner balance. We proudly announce the launch of the Adirondack Labyrinth in the picturesque Southern Adirondack Mountains of New York.

Asa Adirondack’s CEO and Founder, Christine Powers, has worked closely with Charmaine Hammond for over two years, bringing this vision to life. Charmaine is a key advisor in securing business and organizational partnerships, and played a pivotal role in raising the necessary funds to construct this remarkable "contemplation garden." 

A labyrinth, distinct from a maze, offers a single path in and out, serving as a timeless practice embraced for over 4000 years. The Adirondack Labyrinth, a 70-foot outdoor marvel inspired by the renowned labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France, stands as a testament to the dedication and collaboration of more than 50 volunteers who contributed 2,800 hours over two and a half years, totaling $37,000 in costs.

Opening to the public in July, the Adirondack Labyrinth welcomes individuals seeking self-reflection and centeredness. Positioned as the first mindful tourist attraction in the Adirondacks, it has already captivated visitors from across the United States and Canada, with travelers from as far as California and Calgary making the pilgrimage. This testament to the power of grassroots initiatives ignites hope and fosters unity during a time marked by escalating tensions and divisive rhetoric on local and global scales.

~ Christine Powers
CEO: Asa Adirondack and the Adirondack Labyrinth and

Connect with Christine:

Spreading Celebration

Take time today to notice and acknowledge your wins and the accomplishments of others. What seeds of inspiration can you nurture?

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