Wins & Celebrations: Pat Duckworth, Laura Lane & Heidi Smith

Wins & Celebrations: Pat Duckworth, Laura Lane & Heidi Smith

Have you ever found that inspiration is sometimes like a domino effect? Someone’s actions inspire you and then, like dominoes, you inspire others with your actions… and so on and so on. At Raise a Dream, we love sharing (and hope you enjoy seeing) other people’s projects, the dreams they are raising, and their celebrations and good news. The projects that our Raise a Dream clients and community are bringing to life make such a difference.

We put a call out to our Raise a Dream community to provide us with an update on or a combination of:

  • A success or something they are celebrating
  • Their most helpful tip or action strategy from one of our Raise a Dream trainings (and how this  impacted their results or made a difference)
As you read, you will see the many ways that raising dreams, collaborating with others, and bringing projects to life can make a difference.  I am so inspired by the many lives touched and impacted through these projects.


Pat Duckworth

Pat Duckworth Women’s Wellness and Workplace Menopause Strategist

About Pat:

Pat Duckworth is a Women’s Wellbeing and Workplace Menopause Strategist, Author and International Public Speaker. After a successful career in the public sector in the UK, Pat retrained as a therapist and coach. She specializes in menopause and advises employers who are committed to supporting people in the workplace at this transitional stage of life.

Pat has published five books including the award-winning Hot Women, Cool Solutions: How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques. Her latest book, Menopause: Mind the Gap - the value of supporting women’s health in the workplace was published in January 2021 and has been highly acclaimed.

Pat’s Win / Celebration / Favourite Tip:

I had an enquiry from an educational establishment I really wanted to work with to facilitate a half-day workshop for their managers on workplace menopause. I booked a call with the HR Manager and researched the institution online. Following Charmaine's advice, I prepared a package for the workshop that included copies of my book, follow-up fact sheets and a 30 minute follow-up session. 

During the call, the HR Manager obviously appreciated the additional products. She commented on how the fact sheets and the follow-up session would support and consolidate the learning. She accepted the fee that I quoted immediately. It was the most I had ever been paid for a training workshop. This is a valuable package for my clients that I will offer again in the future.

My Top Tip: Include valuable bonus products in your offer that you can use in your fee negotiation.

~ Pat Duckworth
Women’s Wellness and Workplace Menopause Strategist

Connect with Pat:

Laura Lane

Laura Lane - Author, Speaker, Courage Coach

About Laura:

Laura Lane specializes in teaching inspired insights to women of faith so that they can better cope in a crazy world. Laura offers hope in a hopeless situation by teaching women how to develop grace under pressure during the daily care of their loved ones.

As a professionally trained transformational workshop leader and cancer mom, she is there to support them along the way, help them learn needed skills and feel understood. Laura engages her audiences in deep spiritual conversations that help bring more joy and gratitude and a closeness to God during the dark nights of the soul.

Laura’s Win / Celebration / Favourite Tip:

This September, we are excited to be distributing 150 of the Stronger Daily Planner for Cancer Moms to 10 Children's Hospitals across Canada. This inspiring initiative is the brainchild of Cancer Mom, Laura Lane as she supports and empowers mothers of children diagnosed with cancer. Her project, the "Stronger Daily Planner," is designed to help these extraordinary moms navigate the challenges of childhood cancer by providing them with a comprehensive tool to organize and manage their daily lives amidst such difficult circumstances. 

The "Stronger Daily Planner" is more than just a calendar; it is a lifeline for these remarkable moms. It includes dedicated sections for tracking medical appointments, medications, symptom management, emotional well-being, and self-care. Additionally, inspirational quotes, motivational messages, and uplifting images are thoughtfully incorporated to provide moments of encouragement and support throughout their day.

Caring for a child with cancer places immense physical, emotional, and logistical demands on mothers. Balancing medical appointments, treatment schedules, medication regimens, and personal commitments can become overwhelming. Laura believes that by providing these moms with the "Stronger Daily Planner," we can significantly reduce their stress and anxiety while enhancing their ability to stay organized, focused, and resilient during their child's cancer journey.

Tip or action strategy: The best thing I did to reach my fundraising goals was having Charmaine Hammond in my back pocket. Brainstorming sessions during our coaching calls have given me enough ideas to work on for the next 2 years! Charmaine is a treasure trove of ideas, advice and resources. I have attended the Raise A Dream workshops multiple times and jumped on any chance I could to hear her speak just so I can be reminded of the resources and avenues out there to secure funding. As a result of all of Charmaine’s help, I was able to secure $16,000 in sponsorship and grants in my first year alone.

~ Laura Lane
Author, Speaker, Courage Coach &

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Heidi Smith

Heidi Smith - Transformation Guide, Accelerated Evolution Academy Master Coach & Trainer

About Heidi:

Heidi Smith is a Transformation Guide, Bestselling Author, Speaker and Accelerated Evolution Academy Master Coach and Trainer. With a deep passion for guiding her clients towards their natural state of joy, Smith’s approach is to “Make Room For Joy” by helping others let go of limiting beliefs and intense emotions that hold them back from embracing their true selves.

Her bestselling book, Making Friends With The Boogeyman, is packed with her powerful insights and practical strategies for navigating difficult emotions and life challenges. Drawing on her own history with extreme experiences, anxiety, and addiction, Smith offers readers candid stories and empowering tools to reclaim their personal power and create an extraordinary life full of abundance, peace, love, and joy.

Heidi’s Win / Celebration / Favourite Tip:

Charmaine started a domino effect of introductions and opportunities, among them connecting Heidi Smith with Debby Schlesinger-Hellman from The Art & Science of Joy. Debby and her partner Andrew Cannon share a passion for rekindling narratives of joy and optimism in place of fear and negativity. After extensive research on the recipe for a joyful life, they discovered four cornerstones of unshakable joy: Wellbeing, Belonging, Making a Positive Impact, and Fun.

Debby and Andrew created a complimentary membership platform, born from all the data they collected on joy and meticulously designed to facilitate your journey towards an enriching and joyful life. It features Joy Experts from around the world sharing resources from their Joy Superpower. Heidi Smith’s Joy SuperPower is “Transforming Tragedy”. Her resources include a podcast, a thought-provoking piece titled “What’s Your New Narrative? Looking for Joy In Negative Experiences”, exercises to practice shifting your perspective on the difficulties in your life and a recording of her Live Event on “Unleashing Your Triumphant Self”. It has been delightful for Heidi sharing practical exercises to make room for joy with a brand new audience.

Click on this link to invite more joy into your inbox. 

~ Heidi Smith
Transformation Guide, Accelerated Evolution Academy Master Coach & Trainer

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Sharing Good News to Inspire More Good

Recognition and appreciation are so important in raising dreams and bringing projects to life. Often we are so head down in the details of our projects, we might forget to take a few minutes to acknowledge the progress, to pat ourselves on the back for sticking with it even when the project was bumpy, and to celebrate the successes (no matter how small).  

Take time to notice and acknowledge your progress and the accomplishments of others. You never know… it might just be the inspiration (and domino effect) someone needed.

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