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Sponsorship: The Myths, Must Knows, and Methods

Sponsorship: The Myths, Must Knows, and Methods

Sponsorship: The Myths, Must Knows, and Methods

In this article, we’ll explore myths, must knows, and methods related to sponsorship to help you gain clarity and take action in relation to the project you’re working on or dream you are raising. 

Sponsorship Myths:

At Raise a Dream, we dispel the myth that sponsorship is a handout or philanthropy. It is not grant funding or a donation.

Sponsorship is a marketing relationship.

Companies and brands are using their marketing dollars to invest in sponsorship marketing. So just like a company measures the return on investment (ROI) with their different marketing activities (e.g. direct mail, media, digital advertising, print, etc.), they measure how well sponsoring your project met their marketing objectives.

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Getting Crystal CLEAR On Your Dream So Sponsors Say YES!


​In marketing and business, you’ve heard the common phrase “less is more” and “bigger is not always better.” This is so true when it comes to communicating your message to champions, partners, and sponsors.

Confusion generally results in overwhelm and a “no,” which could mean you are leaving support, funding, and sponsorship on the table simply because of how the project was branded or communicated.

There is good news!

At Raise a Dream, we help our students and can help YOU...

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