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3 Small LinkedIn Strategies with HUGE Impacts

3 Small LinkedIn Strategies with HUGE Impacts

3 Small LinkedIn Strategies with HUGE Impacts

Are you actively using LinkedIn?

If not, LinkedIn can be one of your main sources of contact and research to find out who to connect with in partner/sponsor brand companies. 

Just reviewing a brand LinkedIn company page and the profile of the person you are reaching out to (or having a discovery call with) before getting on the call can help prepare you with the right information to make an impactful impression.

The three LinkedIn strategies below, including a sample script you can use, will help pave the way to a YES with sponsorship and collaboration opportunities.

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Talking to sponsors at events

Talking To Sponsors at Events: Well Worth Every Second


​We see so many entrepreneurs miss important opportunities, and it makes us want to scream, “Slow down! This could be the opportunity that makes the difference!”  

How many times have you attended a conference, trade show, or community event and either completely avoided the trade show/exhibit area or just visited the booths that totally excite you?

Ever walk around wanting to blend in with the audience so you don’t get “sold to”?

We totally get it. We’ve felt like that too. However, many successes that resulted from visiting the trade show, booth by booth, proved to us this was well worth the investment of time (and sometimes a bit of discomfort).

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