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Turning Sponsorship Objections Into Opportunities

Turning Sponsorship Objections Into Opportunities

One of our Dream Raisers did a great social media share about the objections, internal chatter, and “noise” he had in his head that prevented him from doing the ASK for support or sponsorship funds.

Importantly, he did not listen to the noise but instead he stepped out of his comfort zone, did the ask, and the sponsor happily supported his project, again.

Typically, it’s fear of objections that paralyzes potential. That noise and internal chatter can prevent dreams from getting raised unless you do as he did: embrace the discomfort.

Remember it is always a NO unless you ask, and what if the answer is a YES?

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Sharing Stories to Build Sponsorship Relationships

Sharing Stories to Build Sponsorship and Business Relationships

Sharing Stories to Build Sponsorship Relationships

I recently heard colleague and speaker, Karen McGregor, say something about speaking that also translates into the collaboration and sponsorship world.

She said, "One of the mistakes is that speakers don't understand what the audience is buying, e.g. transformation or the ability/skills to get over a problem. You can help them understand this through stories. You must share stories."

So how does the need to share stories relate to getting your projects funded, securing sponsorship dollars, attracting people to support your crowdfund, or turning prospects into contracts?

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1 7 Great Questions to Ask a Sponsor During a Discovery Call

Discovery Call: 7 Great Questions to Ask a Sponsor

7 Great Questions to Ask a Sponsor During Discovery Calls

When you understand that building sponsorship relationships is about marketing needs (and not asking for handouts), you learn to approach each step of the partner relationship building process differently, especially when it comes to the (...gulp...) discovery call!

Discovery calls are often the step in the collaboration and relationship process many speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs feel most apprehensive about.

So today, we’re bringing you 7 valuable tips and great questions to ask sponsors to help pinpoint their marketing needs.

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How Talking to Strangers Can Grow Your Business

How Talking to Strangers Can Grow Your Business

How Talking to Strangers Can Grow Your Business

You may have grown up being told not to talk to strangers. So, it's likely no surprise to you that when we encourage our clients and students to do just that, it can make people squirm. Which perfectly illustrates our point. 

Talking to strangers is pretty uncomfortable for a lot of people. In many cases, it goes against what was ingrained in our psyches since childhood.

However, this discomfort is likely something that is not only holding you back in business, it's likely holding you back in life in general. Business is all about relationships. The quality of your relationships will determine the quality of your business. 

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Talking to sponsors at events

Talking To Sponsors at Events: Well Worth Every Second


​We see so many entrepreneurs miss important opportunities, and it makes us want to scream, “Slow down! This could be the opportunity that makes the difference!”  

How many times have you attended a conference, trade show, or community event and either completely avoided the trade show/exhibit area or just visited the booths that totally excite you?

Ever walk around wanting to blend in with the audience so you don’t get “sold to”?

We totally get it. We’ve felt like that too. However, many successes that resulted from visiting the trade show, booth by booth, proved to us this was well worth the investment of time (and sometimes a bit of discomfort).

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1 Making_friends_with_company_gatekeepers

Making Friends With Company “Gatekeepers”


​Getting past the gatekeepers within companies, brands, and organizations to connect with decision makers can sometimes be the most difficult challenge in building relationships with potential strategic partners and sponsors.

How can you overcome this challenge that sometimes feels impossible?

It’s actually pretty simple.

Make friends with the gatekeepers.  

If gatekeepers feel comfortable with you, and “like” you, they are more likely to connect you with the person you need to know.

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2 Don’t_flush_away_a_great_sponsor_relationship

Don’t Flush Away a Great Sponsor Relationship

Don't flush away a great sponsor relationship

​It’s pretty disturbing that we even need to write this but… we do.

Charmaine travels extensively as a speaker and you would not believe the number of times she overhears women on the phone negotiating contracts, providing feedback, talking to their team or clients, and addressing conflict while in the bathroom!

There’s nothing like overhearing someone say, “Sorry for the background noise, I am in the washroom!” or “Yup, that was a toilet flushing; don’t worry it wasn't mine,” or, “Oh sugar… I didn’t think you’d pick up. I’m just in the washroom! I was going to leave you a voicemail,” or (our favourite),  “Can you hang on a minute… I just have to flush!”  

Imagine being the client or sponsor on the end of this phone call. Sneaking in a chat on a bathroom break is so disrespectful and inappropriate on so many levels, not to mention the discomfort it creates for everyone who happens to be in the washroom at the time of the call. This is the ultimate in disrespect to all parties involved.

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