6 Activities to Boost Holiday Book Sales

6 Activities to Boost Holiday Book Sales
November and December are times when people are naturally cozying up with a book or thinking about great gift books they may buy to give to others for the holidays. If you have a published book or eBook, the time leading into the holidays is a great one to maximize the potential for book sales. Authors, if you haven’t started working to boost holiday book sales yet, now is the time. 

6 Strategies to Boost Holiday Book Sales

In this article, we will cover six activities to create and increase book sales for the holiday season. 


#1: Update your book selling platforms.

Ensure your website, Amazon author page, and Goodreads profile are all up to date. Add any awards, images and videos that will help with your book promotions. In addition, reach out to people you know who purchased your book and ask for a review. If they purchased the book on Amazon, that is a great place for them to leave a review. If not, they could email you one for your website and social media, or perhaps they could leave a review on Goodreads.

#2: Create and look for events.

While November is the optimal time for book focused events (as stores often plan these events well in advance), it is still worth reaching out to stores and libraries. Many businesses will also be looking to bring more people into their locations for holiday sales, so there could be opportunities for book signings at stores, libraries, hospital gift stores, etc. Events could also be speaking engagements where you sell your book. 

#3: Create special sales.

Create a sale or book special such as a warehouse sale, holiday special, or a “support a charity”  campaign (e.g. buy two books and gift one of them to a charity you love and want to support). 

#4: Consider bulk order opportunities.

Reach out to service clubs to propose that they arrange a bulk purchase order (e.g. 25, 50, or 100 books) to donate to the charities they support where your book would be a fit. 

#5: Propose gift packages.

Reach out to local businesses and organizations to offer an employee/volunteer gift package for their staff parties, recognition events or as holiday gifts. 

#6: Plan a virtual book tour.

Do a virtual book tour to promote and spike book sales.

Additional Ideas:

Some other great book marketing activities that will support your holiday book sales include: 

  • Sharing reviews on social media with links to purchase books. 
  • Contact stores to ensure they have books in stock for the holidays. 
  • Reach out to past clients about purchasing books for their employees or volunteers. 
  • Create social media posts or blogs that share tips or quotes from your book and include a link of where people can buy your book.
  • See if you can get on podcasts where you can promote your book through your bio and by weaving it into the podcast conversation.
holiday book marketing strategies
We always say in our Your Book as a Business program that small but consistent marketing actions help sell books! Remember to track everything you do so you can repeat the actions you take as your “template” for next year's holiday season and marketing plan.

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