Meeting and Collaborating Online: Tools and Success Tips

Meeting and Collaborating Online: Tools and Success Tips

Technology makes it possible to create a presence wherever you are in the world. For sponsors and brands, this potential is very exciting.

Virtual meetings have the capacity to connect with both existing and new audiences through many platforms. The possibilities for collaborating online with partners is only limited by your imagination.

There are several platforms our Dream Team at Raise a Dream love. Start using these tools to reach out and make new sponsorship connections and make your next virtual meeting a success!


The Virtual Meeting Platforms We Use to Raise Dreams:

  • Zoom: We use Zoom for our conversations amongst our remote team. It is so much better for the team to stay inspired, connected, and focused when we get to see each other and not just hear or read emails. Zoom allows us to record our meetings, which is helpful for future reference. We also use Zoom for our 1:1 sponsorship mentoring sessions with clients and mastermind classes for group programs. Our students love the fact the calls are recorded so that if they miss them, they can watch later. We’ve also used Zoom to conduct interviews with sponsors and sponsorship experts. Audios of interview recordings can be used for future podcasts and interviews can be transcribed and transformed into future content for books, blogs, and bonus gifts.

  • Facebook Live: Facebook Live is a great way to connect online with your following, attract a bigger viewing audience, and increase your value to sponsors through your reach. It’s also a great way to promote your sponsors. The videos can be saved, so you can actually edit them later and repurpose them. If you want to catch some of our Facebook Live videos on sponsorship, click here. You’ll see a Facebook Live playlist with helpful sponsorship and collaboration tips.

  • FaceTime: If you just need a face to face meeting or call with someone, use FaceTime. It’s easy from your iPhone and there is no long distance.

  • Skype: We sometimes use Skype as well for quick connections or screenshares; the downfall is that you can’t record on Skype.

Dream Team Virtual Meeting Tips:

Time spent in meetings can be productive… and unproductive unless you’re doing the following:

  • Just like in-person meetings, it is important for virtual meetings to have an agenda or focus. Decide ahead of time and make sure the attendees have the agenda in advance.

  • Stick with the timelines; start and finish on time. Honour each other’s schedules.

  • Be prepared that you may have to answer technology questions such as, “I can’t hear anyone, why don’t I have sound?” or “Why can’t I see myself?” … and the list goes on. Often the questions are the result of people who haven’t used these platforms, so they don’t have their audio and video figured out. It’s a good idea to send out a short FAQ (frequently asked questions) or tip sheet so people know to test the system ahead of time, configure their audio and webcam, adjust the height of the computer so you are not looking up their nose, etc.

  • Download the chat conversation as this could give you ideas for blog posts, your own FAQ documents, follow-up actions to take, or new content for your programs.

What are the platforms you like for your virtual meetings? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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