What Sponsorship Systems Do I Need?

What Sponsorship Systems Do I Need?

If you follow the Raise a Dream 7-Step Sponsorship Success model (available in the ebook on our homepage here), you’ll see that collecting and following up on information play large roles in the success of building relationships with potential partners and sponsors...

...and then keeping those relationships long-term!

There are a number of ways to process the information you need in order to stand out to sponsors and grow your business.

Let’s talk about a few.


1) Calendar & Follow-Up System​

You will need some kind of calendar to track meetings with potential partners and remind yourself of follow-up tasks. At Raise a Dream, we use Asana and Google Calendar. Google Calendar holds our appointments (phone calls, meetings, etc.) and Asana holds all our project management tasks and sponsorship activities. 

2) Storage System

We use Google Drive to store documents and images (such as sponsor agreements and sponsor logos). We also use Google Worksheets (spreadsheets) to track all sponsor and prospect conversations, outcomes, and research. Some people also use their CRM (e.g., Asana or Infusionsoft) to do this.

3) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

At Raise a Dream, anything we do more than twice becomes a system. Think of the emails, LinkedIn connection requests, phone scripts, letters, author responders, etc. that you use over and over again. Use these as templates. Wrap systems, procedures, and action steps around these so you can easily pass them off to a team member. Remember to store them where your team can access when needed.

Systems can save you time, energy, and money. They help you ensure you keep commitments to your sponsors and to your business.

If you attend one of our upcoming Raise a Dream events or join the Big Dream Primer program, you’ll receive access to many of the systems and templates we use ourselves.

To lean more check out our Work With Us page.

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