9 Book Marketing Plans To Help You Raise Your Dream Faster

9 Book Marketing Plans To Help You Raise Your Dream Faster

The “If you build it, they will come” concept does not apply to book sales. Selling more books requires a plan and follow-through action.

Every week, I meet authors who thought once they wrote the book, it would just keep selling and they could move on to write another book.

That is not the case. 

Book sales, whether you are traditionally published or self-published, require ongoing marketing, promotion, and sales activities.


Book Marketing Strategies That Help Sell Your Book Long After the Launch

Here are some activities you can schedule time for every week to keep your sales in motion after the book tour. Essentially, these steps could become your two-year book marketing plan.

  1. Approach sponsors to purchase your book in bulk. Our Raise a Dream Big Dream Primer program can help you learn how sponsorship works.

  2. Create and share daily social media posts. These could be tips and quotes from the book with the cover of the book or your headshot (or photos of you on different book events) with a link to your website or Amazon.

  3. Publish blog posts about the book and about the process of writing the book. Ensure every post has the book cover, short description of the book, and links to buy the book.

  4. Update your Amazon Author Page.

  5. Reach out to people who have bought your book and ask for them to provide a review on social media and Amazon.

  6. Schedule signing and speaking events.

  7. Sell your book in bulk.

  8. Continue securing media opportunities.

  9. Guest blog on other people’s blog sites.

Every week, set (and write down in your calendar or project management system) a goal for how many books you wish to sell.

For example, if your goal is to sell 25 books, then you need to plan and schedule sufficient action steps to make those book sales happen:

  • Maybe you need to connect with 75 libraries about ordering your book (as likely about 20% will follow through).

  • Or you could contact 10 organizations about buying 25 books for their clients.

  • Talk to your hairstylist and see if it’s possible for him/her to carry a small amount in the salon.

Be creative and have fun.

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