It Takes a Community to Raise a Dream and Fund a Project


As I was presenting on collaboration to a group of inspired entrepreneurs, I found myself thinking that raising dreams is not a solo act.

The image that popped into my mind was a community helping someone to raise their dream, and before I processed the words I said, “It takes a community to raise a dream.”

When I reflect on my dreams that I have put into action, they have always included other people. As well, all the projects and events supporting non-profits that Rebecca and I created before knowing one another all included champions and collaborators.

This was a key factor in attracted funding and sponsorship.


You‘ve got this dream that wakes you up at night. You think about it constantly. You have pages of notes. It distracts you… it’s on your mind as you fall asleep and right there again when you wake. These are the dreams that can make a huge difference in the world and change the lives of people.


Because you are emotionally attached, committed, and inspired by it.

But energy and great ideas are not the only two ingredients to get a dream off the ground.

That age-old expression, “It takes a community to raise a child,” also applies to collaboration and sponsorship. It really does take a community to Raise A Dream.

You may have experienced this before: You have an amazing idea, but you don’t want to share it or tell anyone (in case they steal your dream).

Here’s what we have learned:

That line of thinking will never launch your dream.

It’s scarcity thinking… big dreams and scarcity thinking are oppositional.

Also, not sharing your dreams prevents people from being able to support you, expedite your dream, connect you to the perfect champions, and share the heavy lifting. Keeping your dream a secret also means the world can’t benefit from what you have to offer and how you can help.

When you work in collaboration with others and engage partners to help you raise your dream, you build support faster. This allows your dream to be a reality much quicker than if you went at it alone.

Collaboration means you share the risk and the rewards.

When you work with partners, you access their support and resources to support the dream.


Ready to raise your dream?

Check out the Big Dream Primer. It guides you through our 7-step Raise a Dream model so you can fast-track your way to raising your dream and getting corporate sponsorship so you can make a bigger difference in the world.

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